27 June 2013

Book corner: James Patterson: 2nd Chance

I read the 5th book of this series without realizing it was a series, then went back looking for book one to four, they weren't available on Kindle at that stage so I continued with the series through book ten.  Just before James Patterson launched book eleven, I checked back and book one to four was now available on Kindle. Book one in the series 1st to Die was fabulous, having finished 1st to Die I got moving with onto 2nd chance.  I love this series, it is about four ladies who become friends during the first book and form a "women's murder club"
as the main character Lindsay a recently promoted Lieutenant (after solving the Bride & Groom murder case in 1st to Die) along with Cindy (lead crime reporter of the Chronicle), Claire (Chief Medical Examiner) & Jill (Assistant District Attorney).  2nd Chance reconvenes the four women, this time to solve the murders of two African Americans, a little girl and an old woman, bearing all the signs of a serial killer. Both victims were related to city cops. The rest of the book plays out as more victims are murdered and the four ladies work together to bring the case to an end.  James Patterson's books are easy reading that move at a fast pace, all in all, a good chilling thrill.  Now onto 3rd Degree
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