25 November 2010

Things I am currently loving

Crabtree & Evelyn, La Source 60 second hand fix


Pucci dress

24 November 2010

Things i'm currently loving

Pucci prints
Charles Rennie Mackintosh

Chanel two tone stockings
Down with Love coloured stationery

17 November 2010

Happy Birthday to Cally with The Parlotones

My very dear friend Cally, held her birthday at the Barnyard Theatre, where The Parlotones were playing. Well if you are anything like I was, it was a matter of "emmm, who are they" ony to be told by both my hubby and daughter that I would recognize them when I heard them.
Not so much.
However I absolutely fell in love with their music, they kind of have a Coldplay feel to them. They are a South African band who are already touring the UK and doing decidedly well for themselves. A great evening was had at the Barnyard celebrating Cally's birthday.

Happy Birthday Cally

The Parletones

11 November 2010

Strange signs

On our way to work this morning, Grant noticed this sign, now I know we live in Africa, but this seriously confused me. Firstly should I beware of crocodiles or moving machines. Secondly this is is a built up Urban area and I can think of absolutely no reason for a crocodile to be in this area at all. It is signs like this that make people who don't live in South Africa think that we have wild animals roaming our streets.
Till next time

10 November 2010

Thirty for Thirty Challenge

As you know I love shoes, I also love shopping for shoes and it doesn't hurt to add in a little clothes here and there too. Well a challenge was thrown out by Kendieveryday.blogspot.com she holds what she calls a 30 for 30 Challenge each season. the premise being that you select 30 items from your wardrobe (including shoes) and remix them to form 30 outfits for 30 days. Sounds easy hey, well not so much, also, not only that but there is a total ban on Shoe and clothes shopping for the 30 days.
I work with 6 ladies who all have their own sense of fashion style and all 7 of us agreed this would be a fun thing to do for the next 30 days. So we started the 30 for thirty challenge on 8th November and plan to end on the 7th December. Followed promptly with a girls night out to celebrate. We started a joint blog to blog the challenge.
So I have selected my 30 items (I was only able to select 5 pairs of shoes, very sad) they are hanging separately on my running rail and so far (day 3) it has been ok, actually much easier to decide what to wear as you have such a limited choice, I do think however it might get a little trickier towards the end, but lets wait and see.
Till next time

03 November 2010

Countdown to Christmas begins ... 52 days to go

It will be a small affair for 7 this year, after previous years of far larger groups, this almost seems like it will be a breeze (a mere bagatelle).
I want to try something different this year (just need to get buy-in from the Chief Christmas Fairy). We have always woken up at the crack of dawn had champers (can't do Christmas morning without the obligatory bubbles) with croissants for breakfast then Chief Christmas Fairy and I hit the kitchen with a vengeance (yes, with a lot of help from the rest of the christmas elves in the family, before you all start stomping your pointy toed elf shoes) to produce a full Christmas meal by 1:00pm. It is hot on Christmas day, very hot, and my kitchen reminds one of a well known place where the Devil is supposed to hang out, so taking into consideration that Jordyn (being a teenager) will not be waking up at the crack of dawn anymore (in fact we have had to wake her up the last couple of Christmas') I think that perhaps we should actually wake up later, have a more substantial breakfast, I am thinking, a full continental type brekkie then plan to eat a Christmas dinner around 6:00pm when the heat has subsided. I also am thinking instead of doing a Turkey we should try that Turkey, stuffed with a duck, stuffed with a chicken, I think they are called Turdurkins, or something like that, but sounds really interesting, both these things obviously breaks with tradition and I need to get this round Chief Christmas Fairy first. So hold thumbs for me. Will keep you updated, signing out, Mini Christmas Fairy.
Till Next Time

A very Ghoulish night ... Double, double toil and trouble, Fire burn, and caldron bubble

We were invited too celebrate Halloween at our Friends Cally & Ross. They went ALL out to ensure the night was well and truly scary, the decorations were everywhere and so well done. There was even cockroaches in the jelly. eeeeuuuuw. Everyone dressed up in really brilliant costumes. Thanks guys for a stunning evening
Till next time

Cally & RossGrant & Jordy
Michelle, Gerald & their girlsCraig

Thane & Yolande

01 November 2010

One beautiful wedding ... well two actually

Nomvula & Emanuel
Fatima & Imtiaz


Inez & Mark

Congratulations to Nomvula & Emmanuel. They tied the knot officially on 23rd October at Thaba Ya Batswana, their traditional wedding was held on 21 October and brought together both the Zulu & Nigerian cultures, what a divine couple and what a beautiful bride Nomvula was, in all 3 of her outfits.
Till Next Time