27 October 2010

Wild Boys ....My Once Upon a Time Husband

Being a teenage girl in the 80's, I absolutely adored Duran Duran, especially John Taylor, who not only covered my walls, but I was convinced I was going to marry (not that he knew that) any how, I adored him, adored them and adored thier music (yes it was music Mum and not " that bleeping noise", that I was forever having to turn down and yes Mum I know, I now have my come uppance as "blasted noise" blares out of Jordyn's room persistently). Well Duran Duran are coming to South Africa in December and we have tickets to go and see them. We are making a full night of it and are planning on staying over, as Carnival City is a tad too far to be driving back so late at night. So, with our dear friends in tow, we are all sleeping over and have taken the next day off work and I can get to see my Once upon a Time husband in action. Hope it turns out to be every bit as good as I remember them.

Till next time


11 October 2010

It's been a while ... a long while

I can't believe how quickly time flies by. I haven't posted on my blog for an absolute age. So what have we been up to, hmmm well let me see:
1. we hit the ice for CJ's birthday party, we had the entire rink all to ourselves (plus all CJ's friends, it was her birthday party after all), the foam machine was switched on and the pile of foam was enormous, it was so big that when it dropped to the ice, you couldn't see the kids, I haven't laughed that much in such a long time, I would definitely recommend it for future birthday parties (both adult and kids). Hmmmmm, maybe my 40th should be on ice, or should I just pretend it isn't going to happen and just put my birthday on ICE for good. It really was Grant's first time skating and he got the hang of it pretty quickly (he spent the entire time trying not to fall, so next time he needs to relax a bit).

2. My Kindle arrived (yipeeeee) and I am absolutely loving it, my Kindle has become my new favorite thing, I haven't loved a gizmo so much since Grant bought me a Garmin GPS. I am already on my 4th book, it is so quick and easy to read, absolutely anywhere. this is what I have read in the last two weeks

3. Went shopping to a very unusual French Kitchen Shop, with my Sister-in-law, Debbie, and then we went for lunch and Cocktails at Outerlimits, had a stunning afternoon, sipping cosmo's and catching up, I always love spending time with Deb. 4. Had Heritage day at work and was convinced into wearing a kilt (not a really good idea on an exceptionally warm day, there is a reason it is the traditional dress of Scotland, you know that very cold soggy island at the top of the world) This is the team I work with, Leigh-Anne is MIA. Nomvula (3rd from right) chose to adopt another culture for the day and wore a kurta, I think I will go that route next year too, anything to avoid the very itchy, scratchy, hot tartan.5. Had a picnic at the Walter Sizulu Botanical Gardens for my Father-in-laws Birthday as they were having a Jazz concert, we had such wonderful weather, it was really warm but we had a lovely breeze blowing that just kept things at the right temperature. 6. We went to see Mama Mia, playing at Monte Casino, this was absolutely outstanding. They did it amazingly, I would highly recommend it to anyone who loves musicals. As it ended Grant asked me to book again to go and see it.

7. Had a stunning weekend when my parent came down, they arrived on Thursday and left on Sunday so I had four days of Mum & Dad to love. For some reason I don't seem to have a single pic from the weekend, I just love having my folks so I took leave and spent Thursday & Friday with them. I then snuck in the Monday as leave as well, thought I might just have a Me day, which I spent being pampered at Sorbet then followed it up with cocktails at Outerlimits, would definitely recommend me days to all out there, they are good for the soul.

8. Spent a wonderful relaxing day with our friends having very yummy food and great conversations
9. Went to watch Eat, Pray, Love with Cally. Loved the girls time out, movie was sweet but didn't touch the book by a barge pole. Definitely not the kind of movie you should take your boys to. Scenery was filmed superbly, Julia Roberts was a fair portrayal of Elizabeth Gilbert, but overall the movie was nothing to write home about. We finished it off with dinner at the Spur. Lovely way to end the weekend.

Till next time