22 June 2013

Project Organisation: Magazine Management

As part of "Spring Cleaning" my entire house one of the tasks I wanted to deal with was the overflow of magazines that I have accumulated.  It is so very out of hand, I have monthly subscriptions of both actual magazines as well as e versions that are delivered to my i-pad.  As life is so busy, they pile up and pile up and I don't get round to reading them.
Exhibit A (basket under my desk, full to the brim)
Exhibit B (three baskets in my Bat Cave)
Exhibit C (7 magazine folders)

So my plan of attack is as follows.
1. The first thing I did when one of my e version magazines came up for renewal, I opted out.  No point in adding to the piles, I will not renew any further subscription until I have fully caught up.
2. I have also diarised 30 minutes a day to read through my magazines
3. I purchased another portfolio filer and labeled it for each room of my house as well as projects, recipes, holidays & Books so as I work through my magazines, if anything catches my fancy I just snip it out and file it under the relevant section.
4. At the end of each week I transfer relevant receipe's into my recipe book by either rewritting them or just pasting them in

I am systematically working my way through these magazines and will get on top of them and pair them down to a manageable number, then realistically look at which magazines I actually want going forward.
Heres to more happy organizing 
Till next time

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