27 July 2011

A funny thing happened ...

Desperate for a pair of nude heels I bid on two pairs on ebay, hoping I would win at least one of them, when lo and behold did I not win both, what were the chances, little bit of an overkill on the nude heels but I thought Jordy could at least have the other pair.  They are both soooo pretty
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26 July 2011

Inglot. warning, a real girly girl post,

Whilst down in Cape Town, Jordy spotted this shop called Inglot as they had really funky nail effects.  This turned out to be quite fortuitous for me as I really fell in love with their product, they have such a wide variety of colours and the pigments in their products are really strong and to top it off, they are very affordable.  They operate on a similar basis to Mac & Bobbi Brown in that you select the colours you want and they insert them into palettes for you that can be refilled at any time, called the Freedom System.  I also tried out the YSL eclat touche, the Bobbi Brown version as well as the Inglot eye brightner and in my opinion there is very little difference between the three (other than price of course) so I purchased the Inglot one (as well as some more little friends to go along with it).  I must say I am loving the products, and Jordy fell in love so much with the gel liner that she asked me to take her to the Sandton branch yesterday so she could buy another one in another colour.
Inglot Packaging

Gel eyeliner, brush and remover, this is an amazing product
Pressed powder

Inglot Eye Brightener

Inglot Foundation
The four eyeshadows I chose
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25 July 2011

Holidays are so divine

Our Family break to Cape Town was amazing, 5 unadulterated days with my wonderful husband and daughter. 
We flew down to Cape Town early at stupid O'clock  Monday Morning, upon landing we were too early to check in, so we left our luggage at reception and made our way to Canal Walk, an amazing shopping Mall, had a yummy lumptious lunch at Cape Town Fish Market followed by a little obligatory retail therapy, where Jordy and I found a cosmetic boutique called Inglot and fell in love with both the concept and the products.  Retail therapy sated we made our way back to Tableview for a long stroll on the beach (yes you read right, I actually walked on the sand). We spent the rest of the week eating at beautiful places, meeting up with friends and sightseeing.
How I love time with my family.
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17 July 2011

A weekend of great fun ....

After an amazing show, Jordy got to meet the band and had a photo taken with Kahn, ***swooon***
Dad and I @ Gourmet Garage after watching Harry Potter, was a fitting end to the Potter series
A little sisterly love :)
Jordy & Grant acting up for the camera, "are your ready for your close up?"
Dad, Grant, Me & Jordy on the Segways, absolute blast

After the Segway Tour, a visit to the Lion Cubs

And to feed the Giraffe's, they are such gentle creatures
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13 July 2011

Au Revoir, Adieu, Goodbye

Today a great man left this world, my Grandfather passed on peacefully at the age of 90 (and 10 months).  He lived a wonderful life and spent almost 70 years absolutely adoring and loving my Grandmother, whom he met when she was 18.  Right to the end his only priority was that my Grandmother would be well taken care of, theirs is a story of true love, which has always been an inspiration to me.  Their love spanned World War II (My Grandfather was a navigator in the Royal Air Force and flew with the dam busters, he was also awarded the King  George Cross for bravery), then the time it took for my Grandfather to obtain his law degree,   He wrote a letter every single day and posted them off to my Grandmother who kept each one and tied them up in ribbons.  I am very fortunate to have been given some of those letters and they are truly so beautiful. and will be cherished forever.  After getting married in 1951, my mother was born in 1953, followed four years later with my Aunt Elaine.  This followed with five grandchildren, myself, Donna, Kirsty, Catriona and Euan.  Then last but not least my daughter, their Great Granddaughter Jordyn-Leigh.  We were all so blessed to have my Grandfather in our life, he was such a gentleman, so wise, calm and fair and such a wonderful sense of humour.  I am so thankful that both Grant and Jordyn-Leigh got to meet him and get to know him.
The world was definitely a better place with him in it, he may be gone but will never be forgotten.
All my love forever Grandpa Jim

11 July 2011

Upcoming Weekend

I am very excited for the upcoming weekend.  Friday is our last day at work, as we go off on leave and only return to work on 26th July.  As I have mentioned previously we are going to Cape Town for a week, however we are only flying down on Monday.  So we decided to fill our weekend prior like we were already on holiday.  So the beginning of our holiday starts on Friday night with our good friends, as we have tickets to go and see The Parlotones, Dragonflies and Astronauts on Friday night, so dinner first followed by what promises to be an awesome show.  My Dad is coming down this weekend (as Mum is overseas visiting my Grandparents) to stay with us, so I have booked for the four of us to go and Watch Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2, in 3D on Saturday, which will probably be followed up with dinner at Monte, and then to top the weekend off, on Sunday, I have booked for the four of us to do a Lion Park tour on a Segway.  Seems like loads of fun, friends of our tried it a couple of weekends back and they said it was great. Albeit, Dad was a trifle concerned that the Lions would lie in wait for him and nab him off his Segway as he passed them (I haven't told him yet, that the tour is only through the herbivore section and that you then get in your car to do the Lion section).  We then will be flying off early Monday morning and winging our way to the Mother City.  7 Sleeps and counting.
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08 July 2011

Something that caught my eye

How amazingly intricate are these carved crayons.
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