16 December 2012

#fmsphotoaday. Lights

#fmsphotoaday. Hat

#fmsphotoaday. Someone I love

#fmsphotoaday. Stars

#fmsphotoaday looking up

#fmsphotoaday. Black and white

A signature scent

I have mentioned before that my favorite fragrance was Ralph Lauren Blue. Unfortunately i am unable to get it anymore, so the search was on for a replacement. I found something similar in Dolce & Gabbana, light blue, however when I went to repurchase they were out of stock so I smelt my way through numerous fragrances until I decided on a bottle of Versace. I now can not find this fragrance either (starting to feel like a bit of a conspiracy) so I did a little research. To see what we're the common notes in all three fragrances. They were all fresh, Slightly floral and fruity. With this in mind I took a visit to Jo Malone to pick up some of their fragrances. For those of you who don't know the their fragrances can be worn alone or layered to create your own signature scent.
I purchased their iconic lime basil & mandarin fragrances then bought grapefruit, pomegranate noir and blueberry & bay to layer on top. All four of these fragrances are sublime on their own but become something extra special when you layer them. Absolutely love, love, love these fragrances. Now can I just ask that they don't stop supplying South Africa.
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03 December 2012

#fmsphotoaday. Something I held

My Revlon Fire and Ice lipstick. On this cold, wet Monday. This brings a needed pop of colour to the dreariness
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#fmsphotoaday ...... Peace

My favourite spot just outside the kitchen. I go there to have a ciggie or a glass of wine after work it is such a peaceful place just little birds chirping in the background.
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Here we go again ......... #fmsphotoaday 8 o'clock

It's been a while, I know I am being a terrible blogger, what can I say, life just gets in the way, it is however good to know that I can keep coming back to my little corner in the blogosphere and post my bits and bobs whenever ......  I have coerced my family into joining this month's Fat Mum Slim December Photo a day Challenge . Although I have yet to complete an entire month, they are such fun.
December photo a day list! #FMSphotoaday
We started off on Saturday morning, with Grant standing, camera in hand, at the microwave, waiting for 8:00 to appear, I got up and took a picture from my bedroom window and Jordy took one of the clock in her room

Jordy has yet to give me her picture, but she can be excused as she is still writing year end exams, roll on Thursday is al I can say.
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