04 November 2017

A very enjoyable evening

So you know when you decide to do something on the spur of the moment and it turns out to be a really great evening.  Well that happened last night.  I often get events popping up on Facebook that I tag, so yesterday, up pops that the Stables Village Market is having a "Moonlight Market" so I call Hubby and tell him we should go, call Glen (my brother-in-law) and ask him to join us, he picks up Grant from home and I meet them there at 6pm, having no clue as to what is there or what it is like.  I order a bottle of wine, the guys round up some beers, we find a table and sit down to catch up.  Surrounded by numerous food stands all offering very yummy delights, we opted to go with oven baked Pizza's (why break with tradition, Friday is always Pizza Party Friday Night at our place) and can I tell you what a fabulous evening we had, great way to end off the week.

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01 November 2017

Tis been too long

No long explanations as to why the very long hiatus, I've just been focusing on other aspects of my life, but I now feel the need to pick up where I left off, as I loved my teeny tiny corner of the interwebs where I could leave a record of my comings and goings and musings.

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27 June 2013

Book corner: James Patterson: 2nd Chance

I read the 5th book of this series without realizing it was a series, then went back looking for book one to four, they weren't available on Kindle at that stage so I continued with the series through book ten.  Just before James Patterson launched book eleven, I checked back and book one to four was now available on Kindle. Book one in the series 1st to Die was fabulous, having finished 1st to Die I got moving with onto 2nd chance.  I love this series, it is about four ladies who become friends during the first book and form a "women's murder club"
as the main character Lindsay a recently promoted Lieutenant (after solving the Bride & Groom murder case in 1st to Die) along with Cindy (lead crime reporter of the Chronicle), Claire (Chief Medical Examiner) & Jill (Assistant District Attorney).  2nd Chance reconvenes the four women, this time to solve the murders of two African Americans, a little girl and an old woman, bearing all the signs of a serial killer. Both victims were related to city cops. The rest of the book plays out as more victims are murdered and the four ladies work together to bring the case to an end.  James Patterson's books are easy reading that move at a fast pace, all in all, a good chilling thrill.  Now onto 3rd Degree
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26 June 2013

Totes adore

Looking for totes to corral certain items in my home and came across these cuties from Thirty One Gifts,  having beautiful containers to corral your things definitely makes organization far more fun
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Project Organisation: Gift Wrap Station

As I mentioned in a previous post I am currently busy organising the "Bat Cave" and want the left hand side to hold all my crafts and projects (now that i will have time to actually work on them again) However, having become very frustrated with having gift wrap supplies in various places throughout the house, I decided to corral them all in one place and create a Gift Wrap station, as soon as Grant has moved my shelves around I will place this under the "Desk" Shelf on the left hand side.
I went off to Builders Warehouse this morning and purchased the Elfa Sliding Basket System.  I bought the seven slider unit, with a Jumbo, Standard & 2 Slim drawers, it will fit exactly under the desk area and the drawers slide out easily for access.
Here is the completed unit, 4 drawers full of gift wrap essentials
This will be housed behind the drawer unit, I may tie a ribbon around them just to keep them upright

Bottom drawer has gift bags of assorted sizes

This drawer holds colored paper & extra cards
Colored twine, rafia, organza gift bags, tissue paper, gift boxes & ribbon

Top drawer holds various types of tape, glue dots, glitter glue & hot glue gun 
Its great to see things coming together.

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#nails of the week

A good old fashioned French manicure with Essie : pink a boo
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25 June 2013

Tuesday tea time

I am not a tea nor a coffee drinker, I really am just a water, wine or the now, very occasional Red Bull drinker.  However since being at home and wanting to cut down out the Red Bull completely I went looking for a healthier alternative.  I have now started a love affair with tea.  I had quite an extensive collection of tea all given to me as presents, so i sorted through them all, sorted them into separate baggies then corralled them into tins and labeled them as Fruit teas, Chai Teas, Green Teas, Rooibos, Chinese Tea then placed my Stivia in the last tin, along with my bottle of Agave.  I use the Stivia when I make iced tea with the fruit tea and I use the agave when I have hot tea
This is my absolute favorite fruit tea, how can you go wrong with champagne, strawberry & truffle, it is a loose leaf tea that I drink hot and use a tea ball to brew, I have this with just a spoonful of agave

This is Chai Vanilla tea with a spoonful of Agave and some almond milk, so delicious
This baby's on my absolute lust list but at a price of R 2650 for the Breville tea maker it will have to wait until Christmas time (hint hint family)  with this baby, you select the tea type (green, oolong, black etc) place the tea in the magnetic basket, select the strength (mild, medium, strong), the water then boils to the exact temperature that is required for the tea selected, then the basket lowers into he water and stews for just the right amount of time, then raises again, and whats even better you can get it to hold the temperature for up to 60 minutes.  I know it is very pricey but this just has to find its way to my kitchen and my new found love of tea.

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