25 February 2010

A fresh start

Well, I kick off this blog, with the obligatory glass of champagne in my hand. There is something very special about having a glass after a long day at work.

Family is the most significant part of my life, so when one family member experiences a traumatic event, much like a ripple effect, I too am impacted, much like the "you hurt, therefore I hurt" syndrome. I have undervalued this phenomenon until 3 weeks ago. For it was then that my sister found out that she had tumours/cysts on her ovaries. At 30 years old and having as yet not had children, this was an absolutely horrendous nightmare for her. I however am very pleased to state, that after an operation to remove the offending unwelcome cretins, she has been given the all clear, and has been instructed to promptly (when fully recovered from the op) go forth and multiply. The absolute relief my entire family experienced is truly a joyous one.

It does warrant a mention, that my family is absolutely amazing, irrespective of what they are going through themselves. the minute a member of the family is in trouble, our entire family drops everything, closes in on themselves and protects whomever may be hurting from the outside world. We were originally a small family (being my Mother, Father and Sister) who emigrated to South Africa twenty nine years ago (gosh is it really that long ago). the decision to leave Scotland and move to South Africa was mainly due to the fact that my father had read Wilbur Smith books and felt this inexplicable pull toward living under an African sky. Of course it had nothing to do with the fact that bonnie Scotland tends to be exceptionally wet and soggy (once heard it referred to as that soggy little island, found at the top of the world) from the, on average, 360 days of rain received a year (OK forgive me for a slight exaggeration).
However our family has grown over the years to include my wonderfull husband, Grant, who without sounding very Halmark like, is my soul mate, best friend and completes me as a person. He over the years (having never been in a hospital in his life before meeting me) started a standing family joke that he has a monthly parking card for the hospital, due to all the mishaps that have occurred. The man has the patience of a saint, and became a full member of our "Clan" many years ago. Grant and I were blessed with our daughter Jordyn-Leigh in 1995, she is the light of both her father and my life since the day she came to us. She is wise beyond her years and I take pride in watching her grow into a beautifull, intellegent, caring and sensitive young woman.
I take my hat off to my entire family, the strength and dignity in which this latest crisis was handled, shows yet again the importance of being such a close family and I wouldn't trade it in for anything.

Our dear friends have come to understand that this is how we operate in times of crisis, and although they have always ensured that we knew they were there for us and prayed and sent heartfelt messages of support, they have always allowed us our space to deal with what ever crisis we are dealing with. And for this I am very grateful. Knowing they are there supporting us, however giving us the space to deal with things "Our Way" means the absolute world to me.

I am so grateful to have the family and friends, that I have been blessed with.

And lastly to my amazing, "baby sister" (who has given me many grey hairs over the years), I am so exceptionally happy for you and wish you a speedy recovery and that, what you wish for happens for you.

Till next time