05 December 2010

childhood memories

Silver Cross dolls pram (mine was beige & brown)

The Wombles

Winnie the Pooh

Nancy Drew Books

Scoobie Doo

Worzel Gummage

Peter Rabbit

The Mr Men

The Magic Roundabout

The Lion, the witch & the wardrobe

The Famous Five Books


Charlie & the chocolate factory

Making daisy chains

03 December 2010

Christmas Countdown ... 21 days to go

With 21 days to go, I seem to be pretty organised. I got the Chief Christmas Fairy (CCF)and my Dad to agree to having Christmas dinner instead of Christmas lunch, shew, so grateful as it is just so very hot during the day, that it is almost impossible to enjoy the meal. I also got the go ahead from CCF to try out a Turduckin this year. The only thing about this that I am a teensy bit concerned about is ..., well I called our butcher to place my order. So bearing in mind there is only seven of us this year, I order a 1.5 Kg deboned lamb, a 2 Kg ham and a Turduckin. So I ask my butcher (innocently) so how much does a Turduckin weigh, only to be told 5.5 Kg's. Now this is solid meat. Absolutely solid meat, no bones whatsoever, So all in all I have now ordered 9 Kg's of solid meat to feed a grand total of seven people (anyone want to join us, I see loads of leftovers in our future) bear in mind we still have the wrapped chipolatas, 3 kinds of vegetables, bread sauce, gravy, stuffing and of course the roast potatoes. I really do think we may have a tad left over afterwards.
I also managed to find exactly what I needed to do the table decorations this weekend and started a little of the Christmas shopping. Plan is on track for now.
Signing out
Mini Christmas Fairy
Till next time

What a Turduckin looks like when carved

30 for 30 done and dusted

As I mentioned previously we partook in the 30 for 30 challenge. It could be described as torturous fun, although we had a great time doing it as a team, not being able to wear anything but the 30 items became a real pain, but definately stretched the imagination in terms of remixing those darn 30 items. It was however so lovely to be able to choose any pair of shoes I desired this morning. I missed them so very much.

30 different outfits from 30 different items (including the shoes)

Till next time