16 December 2012

#fmsphotoaday. Lights

#fmsphotoaday. Hat

#fmsphotoaday. Someone I love

#fmsphotoaday. Stars

#fmsphotoaday looking up

#fmsphotoaday. Black and white

A signature scent

I have mentioned before that my favorite fragrance was Ralph Lauren Blue. Unfortunately i am unable to get it anymore, so the search was on for a replacement. I found something similar in Dolce & Gabbana, light blue, however when I went to repurchase they were out of stock so I smelt my way through numerous fragrances until I decided on a bottle of Versace. I now can not find this fragrance either (starting to feel like a bit of a conspiracy) so I did a little research. To see what we're the common notes in all three fragrances. They were all fresh, Slightly floral and fruity. With this in mind I took a visit to Jo Malone to pick up some of their fragrances. For those of you who don't know the their fragrances can be worn alone or layered to create your own signature scent.
I purchased their iconic lime basil & mandarin fragrances then bought grapefruit, pomegranate noir and blueberry & bay to layer on top. All four of these fragrances are sublime on their own but become something extra special when you layer them. Absolutely love, love, love these fragrances. Now can I just ask that they don't stop supplying South Africa.
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03 December 2012

#fmsphotoaday. Something I held

My Revlon Fire and Ice lipstick. On this cold, wet Monday. This brings a needed pop of colour to the dreariness
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#fmsphotoaday ...... Peace

My favourite spot just outside the kitchen. I go there to have a ciggie or a glass of wine after work it is such a peaceful place just little birds chirping in the background.
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Here we go again ......... #fmsphotoaday 8 o'clock

It's been a while, I know I am being a terrible blogger, what can I say, life just gets in the way, it is however good to know that I can keep coming back to my little corner in the blogosphere and post my bits and bobs whenever ......  I have coerced my family into joining this month's Fat Mum Slim December Photo a day Challenge . Although I have yet to complete an entire month, they are such fun.
December photo a day list! #FMSphotoaday
We started off on Saturday morning, with Grant standing, camera in hand, at the microwave, waiting for 8:00 to appear, I got up and took a picture from my bedroom window and Jordy took one of the clock in her room

Jordy has yet to give me her picture, but she can be excused as she is still writing year end exams, roll on Thursday is al I can say.
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22 September 2012

21 September 2012

#fmsphotoaday. Sometimes

Sometimes we get to celebrate at work. Always a nice surprise to arrive at the office to be met by loud music and festive baloons

20 September 2012

#fmsphotoaday man made

Isn't this pump darling. Enzo Angiolini savoye pump

17 September 2012

#fmsphotoaday. What's in your fridge

Welcome back to work

You have 417 emails. Better get to it. This could take a while

15 September 2012

#fmsphotoaday. First thing you see

First morning home after a two week holiday. So wonderful to wake up with my two favourite boys. Hubs and Doogie-bug

13 September 2012

#fmsphotoaday Table

Carlucci's. Cape Town

10 September 2012

#fmsphotoaday. Black and white

At Lanseria airport waiting for plane to Cape Town

07 September 2012

#fmsphotoaday : Natural

Whilst visiting the Kruger National Park, apart from spotting loads of animals (including all five of the big five) I spotted this tree growing through a large rock, such natural beauty

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06 September 2012

#fmsphotoaday : everyday

It started to rain on Tuesday night and hasn't stopped, it has been pouring with rain everyday since we got to Mpumalanga, this is a view from our balcony.

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05 September 2012

#fmsphotoaday : Bright

#fmsphotoaday : bright

The rain has come down in buckets since last night with no respite, so we went for lunch in Hazyview to get out of the rain, as there was definitely no "bright" outside I took a pic of the light in the restaurant
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04 September 2012

#fmsphotoaday : Mailbox/Postbox

#fmsphotoaday : Left work on Friday to go on a two week holiday with 7 emails in my inbox, by Tuesday I had 116, looks like I have loads to look forward to when I get back

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03 September 2012

#fmsphotoaday : Far Away

#fmsphotoaday. Far away. Just outside Dulstroom

Our drive to Mpumalanga
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02 September 2012

#fmsphotoaday : Father


My Dad, playing the clown at Monte Casino
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01 September 2012

#fmsphotoaday : You, now


enjoying the spring sunshine at Monte Casino
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30 August 2012

Photo of the day September

I tried this before in April, it was such fun, gave me a clear mission for each day, I started off with a bang, then good old life got in the way and I just never managed to finish.  I thought with me going on leave as of 1st September that perhaps it would be a good time to try again, I mean surely I can manage to take one picture a day whilst on holiday, especially now that I can do it on my i-pad with all the wonderful picture apps they have, my favorite right now is Instagram.  so with that in mind here is September's list from Fat Mum Slim perhaps I can get my Sister & Cousins to join in too.

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A very hectic week

Isn't it always the same, the run up to going on leave is always so very hectic, having to get everything tied up prior to going on leave.  Only to return to a mailbox from hell and a mountain to catch up on, till you really start to believe that being away from work just really isn't worth it.  However I am so looking forward to this holiday as I have my three cousins & Uncle arriving from the UK on Friday night, along with my parents coming down and we have a two week holiday planned.  The first week we are off to Mpumalanga with just Mum, Sister, Uncle,  Cousins & I (poor hubby, Dad & Jordy have to stay behind & work/go to school) but then the second week we are all going to Cape Town, all 10 of us, what glorious fun, I have planned an itinerary for each person (try and co-ordinate 10 peoples wishes all at the same time without one, it is a logistical nightmare) this how ever appears to be freaking out certain of the family members who aren't used to me.  My folks, Grant & Jordy are used to this, this is how I plan holidays, it ensures we all get to do everything we want to do in the allotted time we are away, the rest of the family are kind of a "see where the wind will blow us" kind of people (well when they are on holiday anyway) so they are kind of reticent about this itinerary thing, will let you know how it goes and whether the itinerary is used or a rebellion takes place and the itinerary is cast out.
Update on the ever eventful voyage into the world of Apple.  Cally & Ross came over Friday night for dinner and being such aficionados in the world of Apple, they had both the i-pad as well as the lap top doing everything they should be doing in less than no time.  I am slowly getting used to the way Apple works, it is VERY different to what I am used to but I will persevere.
I want to leave you with a picture of my Doogie-Bug (taken with the i-pad), it is very rare to get a good picture of him as soon as you pull out a camera or phone and aim at him, he gaps it.  He however hasn't figured out that the i-pad does the same so I just waited patiently till he turned round and took it, I think this pic really shows his character.  Such a loving boy
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25 August 2012

Instant hot

Instant Hot by Essie

24 August 2012

A Week that was

Here I sit on a Friday morning, looking forward to Friday.  Friday is my absolute favourite day of the week, there is something about the anticipation of what is to come during the weekend that just makes me bounce out of bed on a Friday morning and spend the day mostly with a spring in my step.  So what happened this week ?  Well I told you I got a new Apple Mac BookPro on Monday, I plugged her in at work just to set her up and what a difference to any other Laptop I have ever used, this Apple thing takes some getting used to with this Magic trackpad thingy they have, took me ages, as well as many, many whatsapp messages to Ross to figure out how to even click on a little box to select the country I am in.  This was how our conversation went:
Me: Dear lord how does this track pad thingy work on Apple, I tap it and it does nothing, grrrr, I just need to tick a box, How ?
Ross: Just push down
Me: There is nothing to push ?
Brief break
Me: Oh there is, sorry (insert embarrassed face)
Ross: Silly Girl
So yes this has been an interesting time figuring this Apple stuff out, however I digress, after figuring this out, I take her home, set her up, plug in the ADSL, wi-fi, modem thingy, do what I am supposed to do and guess what ...  yup Nothing !!!, by this stage I was really ready to write off technology of all types, head for the hills and hibernate for the rest of my life, however I picked up the phone, called Telkom and got assisted by a marvelous chap who had me up and running in less than 15 minutes.  So away we go, we now have all our devices connected wirelessly, and everything is working (I am still in absolute shock, that after 9 days we are actually up and runing).  So that was Monday.
Now let me say, two weeks ago it was snowing, yes dinkum snow that settled on the ground and stayed, so yes apparently it does get cold enough in South Africa in order for it to snow, now by Tuesday (only two weeks later) we have sweltering heat, but the aircon units at work are still set to "oh my there is snow outside" weather.  Felt like I was going to melt into a puddle and evapourate.  After numerous phone calls it took them to this morning to get the temperature right, I was informed that the cooler was broken and that we would have to wait till Monday for the part, so I can look forward to at least two more days of this unbearable heat at work.
I however have a ton of work to get through before I go on leave next week, so it is nose to the grindstone and away I go.
My inbox's waiting for action, picture in the sweltering office, pandora bracelet, newly pedicured toes
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20 August 2012

New Toys

I upgraded my Samsung Tablet to an i-pad, never thought I would ever say that, I loved my tablet, but what I loved the most about her was also what I didn't like about her.  She was 7 inches and fitted neatly into my handbag and thus could go with me everywhere.  The problem was reading on 7 inches was not ideal, so I now have a beautiful 10 inch i-pad.  I must say I am still on the fence about her, she is freakishly heavy compared to the Samsung, I still haven't figured out how to lock her orientation, and haven't been able to set up certain things at this stage, but the Apple people have been absolutely brilliant, sending me emails with step by step instructions on what to do. However her 10 inch screen is brilliant, she is so clear and I am loving reading magazines and books on her. I am sure it is just the differences between the Samsung and Apple that I am still adjusting to and when I figure out how to use her properly I will be in love love love with her.

Onto the next problem.  I arranged ADSL for home so that we could all use our devices & laptops wirelessly at home, I spent four days battling with my laptop to set the wireless up, realising that my laptop had huge problems, we then tried Jordy's,  we got a little further with hers but then hit a brick wall as well.  by Saturday I was so despondent and "gatvol" (a South African term for, just really had enough) that I kind of gave up trying and Jordy was glaring at the two lap tops with more than a little hatred.  I was informed it would cost approximately R 5000.00 to have my laptop fixed, considering I only paid approximately R 7000 four years ago, I really didn't think this was viable, so after deliberating all weekend, we decided to get a new Lap top.  Based on the fact I now have an i-pad and on the advice of a good friend of ours, who is very clued up with technology, I took the dive and got myself a MacBook Pro.  I must say she is really lovely (freakishly heavy again though, what is it with Apple that their technology is so heavy, OK, I may be exaggerating somewhat, Apple say it weighs 4.46 lb or 2.02KG, but it feels way more) and I am looking forward to taking her home and hopefully being able to set up our wireless and continue on our merry way.

Will keep you updated on my transition over to the world of Apple
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25 June 2012

For the love of books

To say I adore reading would be an understatement, I was one of those children who would hide under the blankets with a torch just to get in a little bit more reading after bedtime, or lie with my head at the foot of the bed so I could get some light from the hallway just so I could finish my next chapter. I used to read books whilst walking to my next class at school. I could literally spend all day in a library as a teen surrounded by thousands of books and often did. I have always had piles of books around me and often have more than one book on the go at a time. It is a gift instilled in me by both my Mum and Dad and it is one I will always be grateful for.  Through books, I have visited many wonderful worlds, I have met colourful characters and often grown close to them as if they were real people, I have learnt an immense amount about things I would ordinarily not have known.
With the advent of the ebook I had mixed feelings between the dramatic "books will die out, my grandchildren will look at pictures of books like my daughter looks at records & cassette tapes" to "think how many books I could store in one small device", 3 years ago I received a Kindle for Christmas and still with the apprehension  "of how do you curl up in bed with an ebook reader?" Well let me say I fell in love with my Kindle, it is so easy to read, set the font to a size that suits you and away you go.  The one downside to it is, you never quite know how quickly the end of a book is coming.  Used to being able to feel how much of the book is left as you hold the pages in your hand, the end of an ebook can really sneak up on you, giving you a nasty surprise of "oh its ended", other than that it is brilliant, being able to travel with one ebook rather than 5 heavy softcover books in your luggage, being able to download books, in an instant, wherever you are.  I still feel drawn to bookstores full of books and can browse for hours just marvelling at all the possibilities, however I now browse to see what books I would like to download rather than buy.  To those of you who haven't as yet found the joy of reading I implore you to give it a go, I read something that said "if you don't like reading, you just haven't found the right book yet". 
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22 April 2012

The last thing I bought

A repurchase of both the Estee Lauder BB Cream and the Benefit Dr Feel Good, just love love love these products, then the Vapour Mac eyeshadow & a Woolies highlighter
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21 April 2012


Decadent Diva by Essie
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20 April 2012

Things I am loving

I jumped on the new trend wagon and bought myself this watch, haven't changed back to my other watch yet as I so adore this watch.

This is truly a miracle cream, moisturiser, primer, anti oxidant and coverage all in one and all in a product that smells like fresh melons, yum.  Love love love this product will definitely be repurchasing

Another amazing product, used under foundation (or BB cream) keeps skin mattified all day, will also be repurchasing it (just has a slightly weird smell, not terrible just odd, almost strong soap smelling)

Stella & Dot: Signature Clover Necklace, would love this but they won't ship to SA

Stella & Dot: La Coco Chain, would love this too but ditto on the shipping to SA

Now this hasn't hit SA yet but I have seen so many rave reviews about the Revlon Lip Butters that I asked a friend who was in the UK to pick some up for me, really looking forward to trying these out
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18 April 2012


 When they were handing out hair I have always said I was at the back of the queue.  I have very fine, thin hair and no jokes these are all the products I have to use each and every day (I do swop out the shampoos and conditioners with other types I have, but they are all volume boosting of some sort) in order to just get my hair to look like it has any kind of body at all.  These products along with a hairdryer (every morning) and velcro rollers do the trick (just realised that I excluded the Volume mask I put on as well).  I have always wished my hair was a lot thicker but then again, I have yet to find any woman who is happy with the hair they were given.
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16 April 2012


As I have no flowers in my kitchen this week, I ventured out into my garden in search of some flowers, as we are going into winter soon the pickings were slim, however these were just hanging in there, such pretty little flowers
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