24 February 2011

Route 69

Grant is participating in a 60 km mountain bike race on Sunday called the Route 69 Mountain Bike Experience. It starts at Maropeng and ends at Kloofzicht Lodge in Muldersdrift. We are really looking forward to this as Jordy and I get to cheer him on during the race and then meet up with him at the finish line to partake in a beautiful buffet lunch. There is an upside to being the wife of a mountain biker.
Till next time

February up close

February happens to be a really busy month for us, firstly my birthday on the 4th, followed closely by our wedding anniversary on the 8th and then topped off with Valentines day on the 14th. Poor Grant he tries so hard, but February just seems to be, all too much altogether. How much can one ask of one man.

But on a more serious note, on the 8th February 2011 Grant and I have been married for:

19 years
228 months
6 908 days
165 801 hours
9 947 520 minutes
596 851 200 seconds

and boy have each one of those moments been an adventure. Without hesitation I say, I wouldn't change a single one. Without sounding all mushy and like something out of a Halmark card, I do want to place on record how much this darling man means to me, his love is unconditional and you only have to look into his eyes to see how beautiful and kind his soul is. I am privileged to be loved by such an amazing man.
Till next time

11 February 2011

19th anniversary of my 21st Birthday

Yup the big four oh came along, quicker than I expected. It seems like yesterday I turned 30. Now anyone who knew me them will attest that I did not go gracefully into my 30's in fact I was dragged kicking and screaming very undignified like. I had this silly notion that once you turned 30 you would be expected to act like a grown up and the thought of that just frightened the living daylights out of me.
40 on the other hand I embraced, I glided gracefully into it by spending the morning being pampered at the salon then spent the afternoon cooking food for my party the next day. We had a Mexican Fiesta and everyone got into the spirit and dressed up in the most colourful ways. We had beef, chicken & pork tacos with all the sides to go along with them. It is always so wonderful to be surrounded by the people you love most in the world and this was no exception. From very old friends to fairly new friends, all the people who mean the most to me were there (bar my family who live in the UK and a couple of friends who couldn't make it). My darling husband and daughter arranged a very festive evening and great merriment was had by all.
Bring on the forties, I will embrace them wholeheartedly and am looking forward to the "naughties", what do they say about life begining at forty. Well I'll show them how 40 is done. tee hee hee.
Till next time

A Little Tom Yum Soup

Sorry for the hiatus, but my camera broke. Anyhow a long story short, now have a new camera and back up and running. felt like something light and easy for dinner tonight for myself, so chicken casserole in the oven for Grant's dinner. I decided to tackle some tom yum soup. What a delight and so very easy, fry the paste in a pan for 30 seconds, add 1 litre water, 1 tablespoon fish sauce, 100ml coconut cream, 2 table spoons lime juice, simmer for 3 minutes, add some veg's (choice of the day for me was broccoli, spring onion & sprouts) add some prawn tails and simmer till they turn pink. Et voila a bowl of very nice tom yum soup. Highly recommend
Till next time