27 March 2013

23 March 2013

New foundations

Based on a recommendation from essiebutton I picked up the Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation, in vanilla, it is a gel foundation and builds to a medium cover, very dewy so I need to use the powder over the top.  The two products together give a lasting coverage that looks natural.  This is lovely for the warmer season but I will need something with a little more coverage when winter swings our way.
Being a die hard fan of the Estee Lauder BB cream, I just had to try the Revlon Photo Ready BB Cream, when it came out, I loved the fact that it had spf 30 but I must say I am not that impressed with it, it has a very light coverage almost a tinted moisturizer type coverage and is extremely dewy even with powder over the top I felt it was still too dewy.  I won't be repurchasing.
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20 March 2013

Cape Town Long Weekend: Day 3

We made our way down to the finish line of the Argus so we could "Whoop, Whoop" for Grant as he came over the finish.  I am so very proud of him, he completed in 3:54 (which is called a Sub 4)  he had a really good ride and wasn't tired at all so we went back to our trailer for him to clean up then made our way down to The Grand Beach & Cafe restaurant, oh my I loved this place at night (when we were there in September) but it is so much more during the day.  I have found my new happy place.  We spent the afternoon overlooking the sea, with glorious food and of course the obligatory bubbles and just relaxed, I will be back The Grand is just amazing.
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19 March 2013

Cape Town long weekend: Day 2

Breakfast at The L'Apero then off to collect Grant's bike and race pack. That sorted we had the rest of the day to enjoy ourselves. we went off to The old Biscuit Mill. My only advice is "go hungry" I would say that it was a similar set up to Market on Main in Johannesburg, but get the distinct impression it is the other way round. It is full of the most amazing food stalls offering up delicious tempting gorgeous foods.  We then popped down to the beach for the girls to paddle their feet (their original plan was to swim, until I said they should try sticking their feet in the water first and that quickly put paid to them wanting to swim).  For dinner Tracy had booked us into The Bombay Bicycle Club, this is one of the Madame Zingara restaurants, the decor is out of this world (try one of the tables has swings hanging from the ceiling for seats) but the food is unbelievably great we had a fabby evening and I would highly recommend an evening out there.
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Breakfast at L'Apero

Bombay Bicycle Club

Swing seats

some of the decor

not an inch without something interesting

Great friends back together again

Tracy & Shannon

Jordy & Ashleigh

girls relegated to the boot as the bike takes preference

Pimms bicycle, just what was needed

fresh coconuts, yum

Macaroons at The Old Biscuit Mill

This is what I had for lunch, so divine

It was so very windy

18 March 2013

Cape Town Long weekend: Day 1

We went down to Cape Town as Grant was going to ride the Argus (completed 114km in 3 hours 54 minutes, well done Babes) but made a whole long weekend of it. We flew down early Friday morning. Collected our rental car and made our way to the Argus Expo to collect Grant's race pack. However it was bucketing down and we couldn't find parking. So we decided after an hour of driving around aimlessly to just go check into our accommodation. I had booked us in at The Grand Daddy but in their Airstream Trailer Park on the roof of the hotel. (only one in the world). There are six trailers all individually decorated in a theme by a different designer. We stayed in Dorothy (a duck egg blue interior with white polka dots) and Jordyn and her friend stayed in Love of Lace (a very girly, pink, frilly, lacy themed trailer)
After settling in to our eclectic accommodation we went down to the V and A Waterfront to visit Lush  Lush - mmmmmmm then had a yummy lunch of oysters and muscles at Quay Four.
We met up later with our good friend Tracy for cocktails on the roof then made our way out to Ocean basket for dinner
All in all, a great first day (even the pouring rain couldn't get our spirits down)
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17 March 2013

12 March 2013

Lush mmmmmmmm

I am a die hard fan of Lush products, I was introduced to Lush 5 years ago when we were staying in London with friends. After a very long day of shopping Oxford Street my feet were killing me, we picked up a couple of soothing foot products. Made our way home on the Tube, used the products and wrapped our feet in plastic and luxuriated whilst enjoying a glass of wine. That was the beginning of my love affair with Lush. Such wonderful products. The unfortunate thing is that I could only stock up when I went back to the Uk for a visit. So you can imagine my delight when I heard they were coming to South Africa, yaaaaaaay. Then I found out they were opening in Cape Town, which may as well have been as far away as London as Lush products are fresh they won't ship them. Anyhow, after chatting to the lovely people in the V&A Waterfront store they informed me that they had plans to come to Jhb but not quite just yet.
Then I remembered that Grant was going to do the Argus cycle race in March and we were tagging along. So when I put together our itinerary for our Cape Town trip, I kid you not we landed on Friday, picked up our car, checked in at our accommodation for the weekend (more on that in an upcoming post) and made our way down to the V&A to hit that Lush shop with a vengeance and boy did I do myself proud, I walked away after a fair time with loads of yummy yummy products.

Whoosh shower jelly, you can put it in the fridge or freezer (tried both I love the fridge option) as it gives an extra kick to your wake up shower, with its divine lime, lemon & rosemary scent it is a firm favorite. The Happy Happy shower gel has a lovely grapefruit smell so both these products are an awesome way to wake up in the shower each morning. Highly recommend.

Aqua Miribillis bar, made with Cocoa butter, Almond butter and ground almond shells, leaves your skin exfoliated and moisturised but not greasy. Wiccy magic muscles was recommended for Grant after cycling the Argus, It's a massage bar using aerated cocoa butter, shea butter, extra virgin coconut oil, organic jojoba as its base but also includes cinnamon oil to warm the skin and peppermint oil to get the blood flowing. This melts with the heat of your body then you can use the side with aduki beans to help work out tired knotted muscles. This product did what it said it would and even surprised a skeptical Grant.

Lemony flutter is a very creamy cuticle butter (can be used all over the body) with a fresh lemon smell it is like body butter on steroids it is really thick and creamy but absorbs beautifully.
Sweet Lips, I got the chocolate flavour it's a really effective lip exfoliation that can then be licked off the lips in all its chocolate glory, yum
Honey trap lip balm smells like white chocolate with vanilla and is really nourishing for the lips.

Vanilla Puff dusting powder, vanilla scented dusting powder that is great for after showers and leaves a faint vanilla scent that lasts all day, i love to put a sprinkle in my shoes each morning

Honestly can't wait till Lush comes to Johannesburg as they have a firm fan in me

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10 March 2013

03 March 2013

Nail of the week: Essie Van D'Go

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Melrose Arch, what a lovely afternoon

We needed to drop Grant's bike off at Melrose Arch so it could be transported down to Cape Town for the Argus. I picked up a lipstick from the new Mac collection called Ronnie Red (what a divine deep red Matt colour, and cute packaging
We had a scrummy lunch at Grand Central then followed it up with milkshakes from The Fire and Ice Hotel Milkshake Bar. It truly lives up to the hype. Their milkshakes are amazing, I had a pumpkin, marshmallow and caramel,  Jordy had the Oreo one and Grant had a grown up Don Pedro. They are enormous and well worth the R45 they charge oh and of course don't forget delicious

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