19 January 2012

A family Christmas

Christmas 2011 was rung in surrounded by my wonderful family, we had everyone together this year and what a glorious time we had.  Starting with a morning Jaunt to visit my Grandmother.  Mum, Dad, Grant, Jordy, Donna & I made our way to the care home with platters of goodies in hand and loads of pressies, It was just so lovely to be able to spend time with her on Christmas day.  We returned home in the afternoon to be joined by Grants Family where all 10 of us got to open our pressies together.  Followed by us all sitting down to eat a Christmas feast together.  I just adore Christmas, for me it is a time where we all come together and try to keep the spirit and magic alive.
Till next time

04 January 2012

Ring out the Old, Ring In the new, Happy New Year !!!

It's been a while, my head has been elsewhere dealing with personal situations, however I am ready to face the new year with absolute gusto, I have my list of resolutions  goals I want to achieve, in no particular order:

1. I want to be healthier this year, I really enjoyed going to gym last year however things went lopsided from August, I will get back into it and want to go at least 3 times a week
2. I need to read more, I have always been a voracious reader, having at least 2 or 3 books going at one time, however I am truly embarrassed to say that the most I have been able to muster in the last 5 months was to reread Winnie the Pooh, whilst it is an absolute classic and should truly be read by everyone, I think intellectually it wasn't the most challenging (note the sarcasm)
3. Blog regularly, I love my little space in the blogosphere and have missed it.
4. Cooking and Baking, I want to venture out of my comfort zone and learn to cook meals that I haven't tackled as yet, and well, the baking thing, my nemisis, I will hopefully crack this shortfall of mine.
5. Eating Plan, I used to have a rotating meal plan for the family that worked a charm, again this hasn't happened since August, I want to get that up and running again, it just works so efficiently and everyone not only knew what was for dinner each day but the rotation of 5 weeks of menus meant no one got bored
6. Spring clean again, things truly have gotten a wee bit out of hand in terms of clutter collecting and things being in wrong cupboards, and a good deep reorganisation is just what is required
7. Remember to take time out to be thankful, to appreciate who I have in my life
8. Be a little more adventurous, going out there and finding new places and new things to do

Well thats it for now, will keep you updated on progress made
Till next time