22 March 2011

A Loooong weekend & a Quickie

With Monday being a public holiday, we decided to take Friday off and make it a really long weekend. The weather was pretty torrential so we got to snuggle and catch up on PVR viewing and re-watch Friends (we made a decision to watch the entire 10 series from beginning to end, and we have thus far, worked our way through to Series 3). We popped out on Friday to a restaurant called Buddah-ta, the food was very so so and really not worth writing about (pictures make it look far more appetising than it was), the funny thing was, when the waitress came over and asked if everything was alright, I said "actually no" as I wanted to tell her my calamari was effectively raw and she says "ok" and walks away (what on earth kind of service is that). I also checked out numerous stores to find a cover for my Samsung Tablet, to no avail, they are really elusive. So much so that after phoning many more places, I decided to order them on line from Amazon only to find at the end that they are not allowed to ship those products to South Africa, very annoying. So I made one, I made a cover that looked like striped PJ's. Just after I finished making the cover, Ross and Cally got hold of me to tell me they had found one and should they buy it for me (such wonderful friends). I got it on Sunday morning from Ross. (It even stands up) Grant and Ross partook in the Northern Farms "Quickie" MTB Race. It was supposed to start at 7:30am and be 40 KM. Jordyn and I arrived at 9:15 am to stand at the finish line to cheer them on as they crossed the finish line (expecting them in at 9:30am). Long story short Grant eventually crossed the finish line at 10:30am (at which stage I was in full panic mode and looking at the ambulances as if to say, go get my husband, something must be wrong). Apparently the Hippo had come out to eat and hadn't gotten back in the water so they had to "coax" it back into the water before they could start the race (Only in Africa), so firstly they started late and secondly they changed the route, adding 8km to it hence the additional time. We then cheered Ross coming in (We have pictures, however he is holding up a finger that is not deemed appropriate in polite society, so I chose not to publish). We all sat and had a drink together before we left. Jordy and I made our way to Cubana (whilst Grant went home to clean up and then join us) for lunch and ordered the most enormous cocktails and a basket of jalapeno poppers, slammers & fried halloumi and mozzarella. Just the way to finish off a Sunday.
Lunch yesterday was at the in-laws who had invited us around for a braai. Turned out to be springbok. Now although I have no problem eating beef, lamb and pork, the thought of eating what effectively looks like Bambi just doesn't do it for me. I really am not a big fan of game. however, as they say, "when in Rome", so I had a little. It really is a very lean meat as it has no fat what so ever so it is actually really dry, the meal was finished off with ice cream in cherry liquer which was really yummy. The rest of the afternoon was spent watching movies. So all in all a really laid back, relaxed weekend all round.
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Lunch at Buddah-ta

handmade striped PJ's for my Tablet

Grant finishing the Northern Farms Quickie

New cover for my Tablet

19 March 2011

Amusment from the internet

Very clever advertising around the continous power outages

Some people will fall for anything

Hmmmmm, really gets the point across

18 March 2011

Meals out and about

Kitchen Bar was great, all round we all had meals that were very tasty, I highly recommend their stuffed calamari.

I absolutely adored Country Living Cafe, I had the duck & cherry vol au vent. Grant and Jordy weren't so enamoured, Jordy said her salmon tasted watery and Grant was not impressed that he got 6 chips
and felt his fish was very dry. The Chai tea was sublime and the ambiance was very French Provencal.

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17 March 2011

From a galaxy far far away

A while back I mentioned that I really would love a Samsung Galaxy Tablet, however I felt I needed to wait for the generation 2. In the great debate of "i-pad versus Tablet" I sided with the tablet (much to some people's horror). I was so enamoured with her especially as her size made it easy to carry in my handbag, whereas the i-pad required a bag all of its own. When the specs came out for the Tablet generation 2, lo and behold it will be nearly as big as the i-pad. So I saw only one thing left to do and that was to get the Gen 1 Tablet. My darling husband told me to go ahead and get myself one, so on Tuesday I ordered one, Wednesday it arrived ans by Wednesday night I was up and running. She is so amazing and so easy to use. Now I just need to figure out how to blog on the go.
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10 March 2011

40 days to go

Although I am not a practising Catholic (I did however do a spell at a convent in primary school), the Lenten tradition of giving up something pleasurable for forty days has always appealed to me. Time to reflect on what's important and to be grateful for what one has in ones life. I mean my Muslim friends endure a month of no food or drink from sunrise to sunset for Eid. So I feel that voluntarily giving up something up is almost the least you can do. This year, I’m participating by giving up drinking wine and I threw in chocolate just for good measure (as Grant said, I shouldn't be eating chocolate anyways). so 40 days and counting ...
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01 March 2011

Route 69 result

Grant finished 14th out of 90 riders in his class, I am so very proud of him. It was such a lovely day. We got up at stupid O'clock to take Grant all the way out to Maropeng - Cradle of Mankind, we waited for him to start the race and then went in search of somewhere nice to have breakfast. Jordy and I ended up at a place called Mellon Rouge, a quirky little place that not only serves yummy breakfasts but has a little antique/vintage clothes/old book/bric or brac shop as well. We then headed through to the finish line and waited for grant to finish. It was so cool when they announced him by name coming through the finish line. Jordy and I cheered and whooped. After a couple of drinks, we decided against staying there for lunch as Grant was rather grimy (ok actually disgustingly filthy), so off home we went for Grant to clean up then out for an early dinner. Such a wonderful Sunday.
Till next time
xoxo All shiney and bright before the race
Lined up at the start
Interesting display at Mellon Rouge

Not so shiney and bright at the finish (but still smiling)

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Official 1st day of Autumn

Well today is apparently officially the first day of Autumn, leaving me a little bewildered as we didn't really have much of a summer to speak of. We had loads and loads of rain, enough to warrant us considering if the building of a second ark was necessary, wellie boots often became the footwear of choice, and umbrellas were a permanent fixture in our handbags. We have effectively not really been able to wear our summer clothes and if we did it was necessary to wear cardi's over them. So here I sit, feeling a little cheated, however I look forward to the leaves turning many shades of amber, brown and gold and the crisp morning air, and perhaps a glass or two of deep red Merlot or some Mexican hot chocolate.
Till next time