25 May 2011

A month of Birthdays

May is one of those months where I just have so many birthdays, starting with our friend Ross who turned 40 on the 17th, followed by the following weekend my darling husband turned 41 on the 23rd. We had our friends round for an "American Hotdog Party", I researched different kinds of toppings for hotdogs that are served on hotdogs around America, typed the recipe's on to American flags and had a buffet of all these toppings along with dogs and rolls for people to make there own. Something different and was enjoyed by all that was there (if the very small amount of left overs is anything to go by). This last weekend my sister turned 32 and we celebrated it at the Brightwater Commons, who were fortuitously having an oyster fest. With live music, wine flowing and oysters served in many ways we had a great albeit cold time. This only leaves this weekend where Jordy turns 16. I ask you with tears in my eyes, how can so many people that I love so dearly choose to have their birthdays so close to each other, it just isn't fair on my poor wee bank account.
Till next time

23 May 2011

Happy Birthday Darling Hubby

Grant's birthday rolled around again and what was originally intended as a small intimate affair became yet another Fouche party. I always feel sorry for people who's birthdays fall in winter as it is too cold to be outside so we all huddled inside the bar with the fire going, keeping us all toasty. So to my wonderful, amazing, superdeeduper hubby, hope you have a marvelous birthday babes. You deserve it.
Till next time

15 May 2011

a weekend of walking down memory lane

The weekend kicked off on Friday, at the Barnyard Theatre in Cresta, we met up with the Bateman's and Friends of theirs to watch Absolute 80's. It was a really great show, and such a lovely trip down memory lane. Jordy enjoyed it so much she was telling me that she "hearts the 80's"

Saturday was our Friend Ross's 40th birthday and they had arranged a "Grown up, kiddies Star Wars party" with a blow up boxing ring, shoot the storm trouper, death star pinata, party bags and pass the parcel. What fun, we ended up acting like kids again, even cheating at pass the parcel. Who says you can't go back, even if it is just for a little while.

Till next time


09 May 2011

Mothers Day

Mothers day this year started off with lovely heartfelt cards from both Grant & Jordy as well as a spa voucher for my favourite spa (so spoilt). Jordy then made me a egg white omelette for breakfast (stipulated by said current diet, bad timing on my part) albeit her first attempt it really was outstandingly good, she is becoming quite proficient in the kitchen. We then went off, trying to get the data on my external hard drive recovered (someone who will remain nameless, accidentally dropped it) anywho, a long story short, we were told by the techies that it was truly dead and there was nothing they could do. We got a really good deal on a new one, then went out for lunch to Spur (due to the fact that all I could have according to said current diet was 150g steak and half a baked potato, so that is what I had), we then popped in to my in-laws when we got home to say hello as they had invited my sister and brother in-law round. Was a lovely day.
I however didn't get to see my Mum on Mothers Day, but I want to mention how very special she is to me and how I couldn't have wished for a better Mum and friend in the world. Love you Mum !!!
Till next time

Jordy at a couple of weeks old

Jordy @ 18 months

Jordy @ 3

My diet Mother's day breakfast in bed (Thank you Jordy)

02 May 2011

The Royal Wedding

Don't judge me, but I still want to believe in that all time fairytale when a girl finds her prince, and get to live happily ever after. I had only been in South Africa for 5 months when Dianna & Charles got married, however I remember sitting and watching the entire ceremony absolutely enthralled. So 30 years later, along comes William and Catherine's wedding. I took a days leave and settled in to watch. She looked so beautiful, I really do believe this woman is in a class of her own. Every choice she made, makes her beauty shine, she doesn't need huge ostentatious tiaras or bouquets that spill to the floor, this was evident in her very simple hair do, her self done make up, petite tiara, small bouquet and very tasteful, classic dress. The dress was beautifully made and that lace work was amazing. Her sisters dress was equally amazing, how they got the fabric to drape like that is anybodies guess. Catherine looked completely in control (a vast difference from Dianna who looked like she was a rabbit caught in the headlights) and I loved how she didn't change into a going away dress when she left for Clarence House after the Queen's reception, but chose to remain in her wedding dress (so not a royal thing to do). Her evening reception dress was also simply beautiful and classic. So the commoner got to marry her prince and she did it in style. Now here's to the happy ever after.
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