25 June 2012

For the love of books

To say I adore reading would be an understatement, I was one of those children who would hide under the blankets with a torch just to get in a little bit more reading after bedtime, or lie with my head at the foot of the bed so I could get some light from the hallway just so I could finish my next chapter. I used to read books whilst walking to my next class at school. I could literally spend all day in a library as a teen surrounded by thousands of books and often did. I have always had piles of books around me and often have more than one book on the go at a time. It is a gift instilled in me by both my Mum and Dad and it is one I will always be grateful for.  Through books, I have visited many wonderful worlds, I have met colourful characters and often grown close to them as if they were real people, I have learnt an immense amount about things I would ordinarily not have known.
With the advent of the ebook I had mixed feelings between the dramatic "books will die out, my grandchildren will look at pictures of books like my daughter looks at records & cassette tapes" to "think how many books I could store in one small device", 3 years ago I received a Kindle for Christmas and still with the apprehension  "of how do you curl up in bed with an ebook reader?" Well let me say I fell in love with my Kindle, it is so easy to read, set the font to a size that suits you and away you go.  The one downside to it is, you never quite know how quickly the end of a book is coming.  Used to being able to feel how much of the book is left as you hold the pages in your hand, the end of an ebook can really sneak up on you, giving you a nasty surprise of "oh its ended", other than that it is brilliant, being able to travel with one ebook rather than 5 heavy softcover books in your luggage, being able to download books, in an instant, wherever you are.  I still feel drawn to bookstores full of books and can browse for hours just marvelling at all the possibilities, however I now browse to see what books I would like to download rather than buy.  To those of you who haven't as yet found the joy of reading I implore you to give it a go, I read something that said "if you don't like reading, you just haven't found the right book yet". 
Till next time