23 February 2012

Happy new year goals update one

So here we are nearing the end of February, my darling hubby having survived the Valenbirthary (my birthday, our 20th anniversary & Valentines day).  I thought it was as good a time as any to revisit the "goals" I set out for the new year.  Just as well that I did as I really haven't made much headway with many of them.

1. Go to gym: well I am sorry to say that bar once, the gym has not seen hide nor hair of me.  I can sit here and make many excuses as to why, like I was working late or I was not feeling well, but that just isn't the point.  I seriously need to work on this one, perhaps if I get out of work on time today I can grace the gym with my presence or at least make the effort to get back there this weekend.
2. Read more, This I actually achieved (kind of) I have advanced from reading Winnie the Pooh to a teen book called Moving Neutral by Katy Atlas (yes I admit it, it was a book for teens and I am still not quite sure how I ended up reading it, I think I was reading an article by the author and downloaded her book not realising it was a teen book)  the book was absolute drivel (sweet, but drivel) and definitely aimed at a teen audience but at least I appear to have advanced from a kids book to a teen book.  I then read, Never let me go by Kazuo Ishiguro (which is actually a set work of Jordy's, yes, yet another book aimed at teens, beginning to feel quite embarrassed about this actually) however this book is quite though provoking based on three individuals who are actually scientific specimens created in a laboratory to provide their organs to severely ill patients.
And then I am happy to say I graduated to reading an adult book again called 10th Anniversary by James Patterson, I have read many of his books and have always enjoyed them, so far his latest book is not disappointing.
3. Blog regularly, posted 4 since Jan, still room for improvement here
4. being more adventurous with Cooking & baking - other than normal day to day feeding of the family no sense of adventure is forthcoming as yet, hmmm starting to see a trend here.
5. Eating plan - have done diddly with regards to setting this up
6. Spring clean again - have started but no where near finished
7. Be a little more adventurous in finding new places and new things to do, now this we got well and truly stuck into, firstly we took a day trip on the Gautrain, we drove to Sandton, parked our car there, hopped on the Gautrain and took it to Hatfield (longest trip you can do on the Gautrain) we then took a walk to a nearby restaurant called Catemba and had a wonderful lunch in a very relaxed setting, then walked back to the Gautrain, took the Gautrain back to Sandton and then drove home.  I must say I was very impressed with the Gautrain, having ridden on both the London tube & the New York Subway, I felt that the Gautrain was really world class and absolutely immaculate (and this coming from a self confessed/declared OCD germophobe)
Secondly we attended the Abba Show at the Nelson Mandela Theatre, what a fab time we had, entering the foyer that had one of those dance floors that light up (like in the 70's) and cocktails being served in glasses that lit up, the show was great and we were all up dancing and singing along to all our favourite Abba tunes. (so to all my friends who were invited and "politely" declined, saying things like "over my dead body".  You missed out on a real blast of an evening).
All in all not a very good start to achieving my goals, reviewing them should at least remind me and refocus my attention to where I want it to be.  I am optimistic that the next review will be a little more on track
Till next time

Photo a Day Challenge

Just for fun I thought I would take up http://www.fatmumslim.com.au/ photo a day challenge for March.  She has this challenge going where she posts a word for each day of the month and you need to take a picture of what that word means to you and then post it to Facebook, Blog, Twitter, Instagram etc.  I thought this could be quite fun, so asked my friends over at http://sexymumgp.blogspot.com/ and http://tsx.co.za/wp/ to join in.  Here's looking forward to a fun filled month.
The list for March is :

Till next time

14 February 2012

My new loves

I have been looking at Pandora bracelets for a while now and with the advent of them arriving into the country, I thought this was as good enough time to take the plunge.  So I asked Santa very nicely if he wouldn't mind terribly bringing me a Pandora bracelet.  He so very kindly obliged (aka Hubby)  I got the bracelet and a few charms for Christmas from Grant, Jordy, Donna & one from my Grandmother.  Then along came my birthday and again I got some charms from Grant, Jordy, Donna, my Grandmother and my Sister & Brother in Law.  I then got another for my 20th wedding anniversary that has little amethysts all around it. My bracelet is now filling up very nicely and I absolutely adore it.  In fact I have worn it every day since Christmas.  Thank you to all the special people in my life who have contributed towards my bracelet, I think of you every time I look at it.
As if I wasn't spoilt enough I then managed to get my hands on a Tiffany & Co Bead Bracelet (it arrived in the post this morning), and she sits very nicely next to my Pandora bracelet.  Friends forever :)
Till next time

07 February 2012

And yet another year rolls by

It was that time of the year again, you know the time where life cruelly reminds you that it is time to face the reality that you are in actual fact yet another year older, (realistically we don't actually age overnight, but gradually, one day at a time, then mark the day that we were born, as now being "a year older"). As I have mentioned before, I did not go into my 30's gracefully, but actually got dragged kicking and screaming into them, however turning 40 was a breeze and I was actually quite upbeat about what lay ahead, turning 41 was kind of "oh well, here we go again, yet another birthday" kind of feeling, until some stupid person at the office said "Happy Birthday, so how does it feel to be old"  I kind of swithered between replying "I don't know, what does it feel like to be stupid" and running her over with my car.  I mean I ask you with tears in my eyes, seriously, I am not that OLD.  I gracefully smiled and walked away, I mean, you don't argue with stupid people, they will drag you down to their level and beat you with experience.

That being said it truly was an amazing birthday weekend, it was a great opportunity to get together with my family and close friends and just spend some delightful time together.  Which is exactly what happened.  I got thoroughly spoilt by absolutely everyone and we all just had a glorious time. I am so very blessed to have so many wonderful people in my life.
Till next time