24 June 2013

Project Organisation: Revamping the bat cave

I have a room that is attached to my bedroom that Grant fondly refers to as my bat cave.  I have my dressing table  in there and use the other side to store crafts, magazines and my sewing stuff.  It just isn't working for me right now so I will be revamping this to become a more functional area, my plan of attack, is to change the shelving area to work more as a desk (will mean Grant will have to move all three of the current shelves to different heights (which I am sure he will be absolutely thrilled about) moving the bottom shelf up above the top shelf for additional storage and then moving the middle shelf down to desk height, I then want to move all my crafting paraphernalia to here as it is currently housed in various places in the house, then use the new bottom shelf as a desk area that I can actually work on.  I also want to make a gift wrap station that i will house on the side wall to the left of this photograph so that all my gift wrap essentials are all in one place, making it easier to wrap presents.
 This area by the window is exceptionally bland so I have asked Grant to pick up some form of  metal strip for me that I can hang above the window that I can then use magnets to display items that should perk this area up somewhat.  I also have two additional pictures I want hung on the wall next to my dressing table.
This is my dressing table that is in some dire need of sorting out, along with the cubbies that partition off the bat cave to the rest of the bedroom, once the crafting side is sorted, this needs to be rearranged, it is functional but not very aesthetic right now.  so this is the plan for this week.  Revamp the Bat Cave
Will show updated pictures when I have completed this project
Till next time

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