28 July 2010

The attack of the killer soup

Last night we decided to go out for dinner, we popped into Outer Limits. I ordered the prawn bisque (served in a bread bowl) and the stuffed calamari starter. Well, I was innocently sitting there, sipping my wine, in my white cardi and a white top, when, does this soup not jump right out of the bread bowl and decide to slop itself all over me. It was everywhere (I even found it down my back and on my coat, that was hanging over my seat, when I got up to leave). So there I sat, trying to enjoy the rest of my meal (and wine) covered in brightly coloured orange prawn bisque. I also think Grant & Jordy need to be tarred and feathered for the shocking pics they take, spot the one without me, how clear it is. Anyway, the meal was great and what was left of the soup in the bread bowl was great too. Now just have to figure out how to get the stains out, already put them through the machine twice, each time with a different type of stain remover and it appears to still not be working.
Hoping for a calmer night tonight where my food does not decide to attack me.
Till next time

27 July 2010

Americans are nuts

OK, so maybe not all of them, but this lot definitely are. I found this while surfing the net, it is a new product being launched in America in September, and is dinkum a roll in a can, apparently the roll is vacuum packed separately to the filling that you then squeeze onto the roll when you want to eat it.
Now I have certain fundamental issues with this:
1. how can a roll stay fresh in a can, on a shelve, no where near a fridge, and for how long ..... eeeeuuuuwww
2. How lazy must a person be to not be able to put some peanut butter & jam on a roll
3. With global warming and all the greenie beenie people around, why would we want to add tins to the land fills.
Whatever next
Till next time

Shopping on line

Another fun filled day at the office ahead of me. I was feeling very grim by the time I got home last night, so I dosed myself up on meds and got into bed. I woke up at 10pm and thought, oh my word I will never sleep now, so took two sleeping pills (not a good idea in retrospect). I am however feeling much better today, got a brilliant nights sleep, and boy did I, but now am dealing with the sleeping pill hangover, so much so that I can now barely keep my eyes open. This is going to be a very, very long day. At least a 2 or 3 Red Bull day to be exact. I am eagerly awaiting two purchases from the UK. One from Filofax.co.uk, I just adore their stuff, so practical and useful, I use their stuff for organising my personal life (use the online outlook diary for work) but their year at a glance and month at a glance is just perfect for arranging our "very busy social life" no seriously, it is. Also all their lovely extras, like pretty post-it' and coloured paper and stickers for reminders of birthdays and appointments etc. this is something that we sorely lack inthis country, have you ever tried to get filofax refills during the year, I have, and it is next to impossible, that is how I eventually stumbled upon Filofax.co.uk. They arer so efficient that I had it on my desk 5 days later. I am expecting my order by Thursday this week, but am keeping my eyes peeled in case they are super efficient and it arrives earlier. I also got introduced to Asos, by a friend at work (bad move Wisaal) and they have a permanent sale section, which is just perfect for us, as all their summer clothes are now 70 % off and you get an additional 10% off what you order on a promotion right now, so as we are moving into our summer, I bought 3 things for them and it should be arriving on my desk sometime next week. I bought their cream, cochet dress, blue & white cardi and a stunning suede belt (this wasn't on sale, but still a really good price). Looking forward to them joining the rest of my closet.
Till next time

26 July 2010

The best laid plans

Well so much for me getting through my to do list for the weekend. We popped into Woolies on the way home on Friday to get the food for our guests coming on Saturday night as well as food for Friday's dinner. Great start, now I didn't have to worry about the food anymore. Saturday started off well with me up and about like a brussel sprout, really early. So Jordy and I hit the shops. Our trip, in some ways was not so good, like the shoes I wanted from Rage that I saw advertised during the week, and just had to have them, well when I get their, they have 3 pairs in my size they look stunning but lo and behold all three pairs have scratches on them, so dejected I left the shop. I tried on a stunning dress at Daniel Hechter that fitted really nicely at the bottom, but the top was all saggy and loose, so no win there either. I did however manage to get my hands on a couple of pairs of pumps (never have enough of them) and a couple of really dinky cardi's. Jordy found really great grey suede heels that she liked and some bits and bobs. Well at least I could tick of item number one on my list, the problem is, by the time we were done at the shops I had run out of time to do the rest of my list as I had to get home to make dinner for our friends coming round, so the rest of the list was added to next Saturday's list. We had a stunning evening with our friends Laura & Dean, who we haven't gotten to see on their own for almost a year, so was really lovely to catch up, in fact we had such fun, i forgot to take my camera out, so no pics from Saturday night. Sunday however, with a Sunday to-do list in mind, was a fiasco as I woke up with a funny tummy, got dressed and effectively lay back down and pretty much didn't get up again, unless it was for yet another unwanted visit to the loo. So Sunday list not accomplished either. I however am not stressing, it will get done, just not when I planned to do it. What is it they say about the best laid plans?
Till next time

Table all set on Friday night (thought I was being pro-active)

Picture of the two, now inseparable, Roxy & Doogie-Bug (Roxy Loves Doogie-Bug,
she just doesn't like anyone else
loving him)

Picture of Grant & Jordy taken by our friend Ross on his Holga "toy" camera, such a lovely shot

23 July 2010

Happy Friday

I Love Friday's, it is my favourite day of the week. It always feels to me, like the day before you go on holiday. I so look forward to my little "getaways" each weekend, wither it is a plan to get things done, spend time with family & friends or just to do things that I love. The anticipation is just so exciting. So this weekend the plan is to get a whole load of things done tomorrow morning, some shoe shopping is hidden amongst the To Do list somewhere, as Rage have the most divine shoes at the moment, some fabric shopping for an idea I have, buying a table top for my new craft room that my darling husband gave up his gym for (not that the gym equipment ever got used) then onto dinner with our wonderful friends Laura & Dean and their boys. Followed by a Sunday full of spring cleaning and crafting. Have something up my sleeve that I have been dying to try, so have booked time on Sunday to get it done.
Till next time

22 July 2010

Spring has come early

Well not really, it's just time to spring clean again, Cally and I discussed this last year, that seeing as you are stuck indoors during winter it would be better to do your "Spring Cleaning in winter" and then you get to enjoy sun downers on the patio when spring comes around. So with Spring only 6 weeks away it is time to get myself organised. Gong to hit each room, one by one with a vengeance and get all those pesky cupboards sorted out yet again. Déjà vu anyone ? I have also taken the decision that if I stay up later than usual and get up earlier than usual I will then have additional hours in which to accomplish this. So start the count down and roll on Spring ..........

19 July 2010

bits & bobs and somethings in between

It has been a while, but you know what it is like when you get back from leave, so much to do and so much to catch up on, so between being up to the eyeballs in work and the bar at home still being in complete shambles, it has just been very difficult to find 5 minutes to blog.
The bar was eventually painted yesterday, so when we got home we all mucked in and put it back together, hooray, living in chaos is definitely not my forte in life. Mum & Dad were staying with us this weekend and even Dad who tells me he usually feels untidy in my house, couldn't understand how we could live in the chaos that surrounded us.
We have a new addition to our family, our new little Doogie-Bug, he is ever so sweet and feisty like Roxy, and we just love having him around.
Booked tickets yesterday for the three of us to go and see Evita in September, I am really looking forward to that. We also have tickets to go and watch Mama Mia in October (that was a show Grant has been wanting to watch for years, so I booked 3 tickets as part of his birthday pressy) and we also have tickets to see Cirque de soleil for 13 March 2011 (I know can you believe we had to book so far in advance) that we are going to see with our dear friends Cally, Ross & CJ, so we have lots to look forward to.
Till next time
The finished curtains in Jordyn's bay window.
I finished all 8 drops for her room, it looks divine (even if I do say so myself)
Doogie-Bug our new baby boy

13 July 2010

In memory of my little guy, Muffin

We very sadly lost our little guy on Tuesday 6 July 2010. He meant so very much to me. His registered name was actually "My Miracle Man" as he was born so premature at 65 grams, he was fed through a tube for weeks and his little eyes only opened 4 weeks after he was born, the breeder honestly thought he wouldn't make it, so hence his registered name. He was almost 3 months old before we could take him home with us, so although he really was a tiny wee man, he had a fighting spirit, right from the start. He was a strange little man, his legs were far too long for his body and he was really very rude to anybody that came to visit us. He however loved me, he was my wee man, and for all his foibles, I loved him dearly. He will hold a very special place in my heart forever. I miss you Muffin.

12 July 2010

Back from Holiday :(

We set off on holiday after work, on Friday 2 July (our first holiday all together in 3 years, and the plan was to relax as much as possible) to meet up with Mum, Dad & Jordy at Magalies Park, we arrived at 6:30pm to a very warm welcome and dinner in the oven (aren't mum's so special) so we caught up on all the chit chat over a divine meal prepared by mum and hit our beds for an earlyish night. Woke up at 5:00am and had a little giggle to myself and went straight back to sleep only to wake up at 8:00am (such an indulgence). Donna and Jason arrived and we all went out for breakfast at The Upperdeck, our waitress looked so much like Raven (from the Disney movies) that I had to share this point with her, she informed me that many people had previously told her this, however she had never seen this Raven person, so I googled a picture for her to show her, she got so excited she asked me to bluetooth it to her, now technology is not one of my strengths, so I told her I knew how to email it, twitter it, send it to Facebook and MMS it but had no idea how to blue tooth it. So we settled on MMS and after receiving the pic she merrily ran off to show all her friends, ahhh, the joys of technology. We then went back to the chalet to spend a lazy afternoon watching DVD's and reading whilst Donna, Jason & Dad went up to the club house to watch the Quarter finals with Germany playing (apparently, they were the only three there supporting Germany, so Donna felt the need to make up for this fact and screamed for the German chaps so loudly I am surprised they didn't hear her in Germany itself). Dinner ala Mum again (mmmmm) and some more chit chat then Donna and Jason made their way home and we were off to bed. On Sunday Donna, Jason and great friends of ours Cally, Ross & their daughter CJ, joined us for a braai, we had so much fun and I am a little embarrassed to say I partook in a little too much of my favourite Pongracz and had very little to eat and therefor became a blether blether, mmmm, note to self, eat before you drink, or at least eat while you are drinking. Monday Mum and Dad left to go back to Gabs, so Grant, Jordy and I took a drive out around Harties and ended up at a restaurant called African Swiss, the owner is Swiss and his food is made in the true Swiss style, my very adventurous daughter and husband opted for pizza's and I had the most divine cheese fondue (spot the only one who actually ate Swiss food). Back to the chalet for DVD's and board games. On Tuesday we made our way down to the craft market to have a look around and made our way to a divine Indian restaurant for lunch, we ordered way too much food and were convinced the waiters were standing there laughing their heads off, at us trying desperately to consume the amount of food we ordered, it really was very good though. We then finished off the day by playing board games in front of yet another roaring fire. We left on Wednesday morning (earlier than anticipated as we were booked in till Friday) to come back home and spent the rest of the day relaxing and watching DVD's. Luckily I got to relax so much as I then spent the next three days of my leave sewing curtains for Jordyn's bedroom and lounge, and even if I do say so myself, they came out really nicely and her room looks stunning. Saturday we had Ross, Cally, CJ & Thane over to watch the rugby, well that was a match worth missing, what on earth happened to the Boks, I really hope they pull their socks up and start doing what they do best. "WIN". And so ended our little holiday.
Till next time.
Breakfast at the Upperdeck

Braai on Sunday

Lunch @ Africanswiss
above must have been prior to things going south with the Boks
and below must have been when things went south.