25 April 2011

Easter 2011

Easter Sunday Lunch

Lunch @ the Organic Market

I would love a Lindt Easter bunny this size from the Easter Bunny

Easter Egg basket, full of yummy Easter treats

Mum & Dad arrived with Jordy in tow on Thursday, so lovely to have them and to have my daughter back from her trip to Gaberone. On Good Friday, we had a very laid back morning. Donna & Jason arrived for Good Friday evening meal, I made Prawn tempura for snacks, Muscles for a starter & Monk fish wrapped in bacon for our main meal. It was really yummy. On Saturday we took Mum & Dad to the Organic Market, then we did some grocery shopping for Easter Sunday lunch and made our way to John Dorys @ Monte Casino for dinner.

Easter Sunday, Donna, Jason & my in-laws joined us for an Easter egg hunt around the garden (that pesky bunny can really make it difficult to find those eggs) followed by a lovely roast meal. It is always so divine to have the family together.

Till next time


15 April 2011

My last two weekends in pictures

On Saturday we made our way to the Bryanston Organic Market, what a wonderful experience, we bought organic cheese, pate's and bread to have for dinner that night. Grant picked a really neat looking espresso maker and I managed to get the most divine Soy Candles, they burn at a much lower temperature than normal wax and are rich with vitamin e and essential oils, so when you burn the candles you use the melted wax to massage into your body. I also snapped up a lovely wheat coloured cardi/hoodie. We stopped there for lunch and I ordered a Masala Dosa, I have never had one before but it was really delicious, kind of crisp pancake with curried potatoes rolled up inside with two dips to go along with it. Would definitely recommend. We then popped into hospital to visit my little sister who was having her appendix out. Shame she is having a torrid time, this being her third operation in a year. She seemed absolutely fine but that turned out to be the pethidine speaking as she was really under the weather the following day. When we got home, we tried out the espresso maker, it works really well (if you like espresso, I think it is just vile). I then made a pumpkin pie for the first time, lo and behold it actually worked out and looked and tasted great. On Sunday the weather was grim but we had my in-laws over for dinner, I however was feeling grim and ended up having to go to the doctor on Monday. Feeling ill is just for the birds

Jordy left for Gabarone on Thursday, leaving Grant and I to our own devices. This Friday's weather was grim, I mean, worst of Scottish weather grim, so for dinner I made chicken noodle soup with chicken meatballs. It appears Jewish people are on to something special as it really did warm the soul. Definitely a keeper. Saturday weather was just as grim, so Grant didn't go riding, I took the opportunity to take him out for brunch. We stopped off at a fish shop recommended to me by my friend Inez and picked up prawns, muscles and monk fish for Good Friday. Then went out for brunch where we bumped into friends we hadn't seen in a while, so they joined us.

On the Sunday Grant and I went to John Dory at Monte Casino for lunch, when we were done there we went and got ice creams then went to Scoobs, a divine book store very reminiscent of the books stores in New York, it is three stories high, has a live pianist playing background music, has a coffee lounge on the ground floor and a champagne bar on the top floor, what more could a girl ask for. I actually became quite melancholy thinking that there is a strong possibility that my grandchildren may very well not ever get to experience a bookstore, what with ebook readers. I read an article recently that stated that for the first time e book sales out sold paper books in March, although I adore my kindle and love the ease of obtaining and reading books. The thought of books going the same way as LP Records just makes me feel sad. Anywho, we then passed a place called Yume that Cally had told us about so we popped in there and had some sushi, even though we had already had lunch. Their sushi is delicious and so are their dim sum, We felt like huge piggies by the time we finished and rolled our way to the car. Was a lovely day and overall a really stunning weekend. (I must add as a disclaimer that we didn't have any dinner that night, so were slightly exonerated from the piggie title) Till next time


Home made chicken noodle soup, yum


This was a sign in the car park of Galagher Estates at a seminar I was going to, still trying to fathem why ?

A Meal out and about

This was a meal we had at Melrose Arch, Pizza e' Vino, I absolutely adore their spinach and cheese dumplings on pasta, it is always far to big a portion to eat, so "doggie bags" are the norm and I can enjoy the meal all over again later on.

Till next time


10 April 2011

A little home made Pizza

This was definately a family affair, one that we all got involved in. It turned out really well. I Loved the fact we could use the bread making machine to mix and knead the dough, it made things really easy, then with some bottled tomato sauce and some cold meats, onion, olives, cheese and tomatoes, popped into the oven for a bit, et voila, we had a scrumylumptious home made pizza.

Till next time


02 April 2011

Some toys for my Tablet

Due to the fact that the Samsung Tablet is about to launch it's version 2 which is almost the same size as the i-pad. I presumed that they would stop bringing in accessories for the tablet one (this happened to me previously with my Blackberry Bold, when they stopped stocking covers as soon as the new Bold came out and my phone wasn't even a year old). So I took a jaunt down to Vodaworld, where I had been told by a very reliable source (thanks my OCDforlife friend, aka Wisaal) that they had all the bells and whistles available for the Tablet and a very good prices. They did indeed. So I splurged a little and purchased the keyboard, docking station, stylus and car charger. Samsung may now, with my full permission bring on the Tablet 2 and all its bells and whistles. I am now an exceptionally happy woman. Till next time xoxo
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