29 June 2010

Date Night

With Jordy being away, we thought we would take advantage and go out for dinner just the two of us (even though we are missing her terribly). So last night on the way home from work Grant took me to the Grill Shop for dinner. We had such a lovely evening, chatting away for hours. The food, surprisingly was just all right (been there before and the food was outstanding, must have changed their chef or something) it wasn't bad, just nothing to write home about, (would rather have gone to the Cattle Baron, we went there last week with really good friends, and the food was marvelous) but the company was great and we had such a wonderful evening. Nice to know that even after being together for 20 years we still have so much to say to each other and love being in each others company. Love you babe.

28 June 2010

A Pottering weekend (with water)

On the 16th June, we were rudely awoken by an indoor water feature flowing down both our bar wall and our dining room wall. Firsts things first, off with the water (we learnt that the last time when Grant recently drilled through the gym wall, into a hot water pipe) then on went the welly boots again (they seriously are becoming a necessity these days) and out came the towels again to mop up the mess, (think we are becoming experts when it comes to water management). Anyhow, (I swore to myself, at the start of this blog, that I wouldn't use it to gripe and moan), so cutting a very long and nasty story short, we eventually had water returned to us on Friday (25th June, yes that really is 10 days later). Now I haven't had the chance to potter around my kitchen in all that time so, come Friday night, (and we have water) I decide to spend all weekend pottering, I so love pottering around my house most especially my kitchen, so I went shopping for Friday nights dinner (yay no more take aways) and got home to start cooking. I made prawn and cheese vol e vaunts to start and for the main I made Caribbean fillet of beef with mustard sauce, mushrooms & onions, Mash potatoes and spinach and feta. We then sat down to eat while we watched a DVD (which must have been very innocuous as I can't even remember it's name). Got up early on Saturday to make Grant his smoothie for riding and off he went to cycle. I then spent the morning, taking great pleasure in the fact that I had water, cleaning behind my dishwasher, washing machine & tumble dryer (how boring I hear you say, but so exciting for me, I get such a thrill out of knowing things are spic and span) I then made American Sloppie Joe's for lunch, so when Grant got back from cycling we sat down to eat them (really would recommend them, they are lovely), by then I was bored so suggested that we venture out to 44 Stanley Avenue (a place a friend at work told me about) only to be met with a look of horror and was told definitively that he was watching Rugby and I should too. I passed on his gallant invitation and programmed 44 Stanley Avenue into my trusty Garmin and set off to find out what this place was all about.
Well, I was astounded that such a place is so hidden away, it was an array of bistro's, coffee shops and tiny little eclectic shops full of wonderful treasures, I even found a super little boutique filled with such darling things, so definitely will be going back there. (I did make a couple of purchases there, but that's my secret)
Saturday night I made soup with dumplings and we had chicken and butternut cannelloni for dinner, along with a lovely bottle of Shiraz.
Sunday was a working day around the house, I polished the fireplace, tidied up and then made Jordy's window seat, so she can be surprised when she gets back from Gaberone. The only unfortunate thing is, I made it out of black suede and by the time I was finished my hands were completely black, so although it looks divine, it effectively is a window seat she can't sit on, unless she is wearing black. mmmmm perhaps not such a good idea. Now for the new curtains, will need to get round to making those soon.
Till next time

Prawn & Cheese vol e vaunts
Divine Boutique @ 44 Stanley Avenue
More lovely things @ 44 Stanley Avenue
A very Harry Potterish type bookstore @ 44 Stanley Avenue
A really darling apron (have to make myself one of these)
a Sky umbrella @ 44 Stanley Avenue
The finished window seat

23 June 2010

A quick jaunt to Gaberone

We took Friday last week off so we could make a weekend of our trip to Gaberone, so after waiting in vain for the blasted plumbers, "yes Mr Fouche, we will definitely be there at nine O'clock" yeah right, 9:30am I find myself growling down the phone at some chap who's name was Rut, only to be told that the plumbers bakkie wouldn't start, well firstly, thanks for letting us know, Not. Thanks for calling us to inform us of this pertinent fact, Not. Thanks for rather letting us sit there in eager anticipation of getting our water back. So anyway, a rather long story later, we told them not to bother as it was getting too late and we needed to get going. So off we went around 12:00 and took a relaxing drive up to Gabs. We arrived at Mum & Dads, after six, as we got detained in a rather long queue at the border and what with the influx of tourists for the Soccer world Cup, they were being extra vigilant. Not only that once we crossed the border, we hit peak hour traffic, (no jokes here), Gaberone actually now has really bad peak hour traffic. Not that this worried us well seasoned Johannesburg drivers, however Mum was frantic by the time we arrived as she thought we had been swallowed up into a black hole, or something else even more dramatic. Anyhow, after a couple of drinks, volevants and some catch up chat, Mum dished a very large (beautifully made and absolutely scrumptious) and I mean really large meal for us (I think she thinks there is no food in South Africa, or something similar must have crossed her mind as I can not fathom any other reason for being dished so much food (there is seriously nothing like Mum's cooking, but honestly a 1/3 of the amount would have been sufficient). So after an entire lamb shank, mash potatoes, butternut, caulibroc & cheese sauce each. This was followed by a lovely strawberry pudding. We had to stop her from bringing out the cheese and biscuits, as by this stage rolling me down the passage to bed was pretty much the only viable option left.
Up on Saturday morning to find Mum beavering away in the kitchen whipping up yet another scrumptious and large breakfast (I promise Mum, we do have food in Johannesburg, we are not part of the starving masses) then off to shop in Gaberone, which is always an experience, the mix of 1st & 3rd world in Gaberone not only adds to its charm but never ceases to amaze me. They have so many state of the art buildings, shopping centres and what nots' and yet a mode of transport used frequently by the local people is a cart pulled by two donkeys. You still find (even next to these state of the art buildings) goats, cows, horses all wandering aimlessly down the road, truly a weird sight. Oh then off to some restaurant for lunch (like we hadn't just recently eaten).
We spent the evening, whilst eating dinner (I kid you not) watching DVD's (Impact, Date Night & The Tooth Fairy). Then Sunday morning we took Dad & Grant out for a Father's Day Breakfast. We then bid a sad farewell to Mum, Dad & Jordy (she is staying with them for two weeks) and Grant and I made our way back to Johannesburg (albeit several kilograms heavier) with heavy hearts that we wouldn't see our baby angel for two whole weeks. However they will be meeting up with us on holiday and spending the weekend with us, so really looking forward to that. So thanks Mum and Dad for a really great weekend, was so lovely to spend time with you both, however Grant's tummy is now stretched so much that his normal size portions don't fill him up any more, so I will probably have to starve him for the next two weeks just to get him back to normal again.
Till next time

State of the art transportation system

Feeding of the 5000, oops sorry no this is for one
Lovely evening
Smile sweetly Mum
Happy Fathers Day, Daddy
Happy Fathers Day, Grant

To my husband on Fathers Day

Apart from being a wonderful, loving husband, Grant is an amazing father, I always knew he would be a wonderful dad, but oh my, he is a better dad than I could ever have imagined, dreamed or wished for our child. I love the way he loves our daughter, he smiles, he plays, he teaches, he leads, he loves. He takes his role as father very seriously and I love that. Something else I am thankful for is his confidence. He has helped to teach Jordyn to be confident and self assured because of his example. Thank you for being you babe. We are truly blessed to have you in our lives.

To my Dad on Fathers Day

The first man in any little girls’ life is her Daddy and let me tell you, when it comes to fathers, I won the lottery. I am so thankful to have you in my life. It is, but once a year that they have a day set aside especially for you, and yet it’s hardly enough for what you do and what you have done for me. You have taught me, personally, so much. My gratitude and love for you is immeasurable. You taught me to work hard and enjoy family. You taught me the price of honesty and that it cannot be negotiated. You taught me about life through your own experiences. When I was younger, I shared my thoughts and the dreams with you, and the most lovely memory I have, was that you always listened, you were always loving because you knew that would be the most important way to get through to me. Never once did I not feel your love, even when you were angry. And now, that I am older, I remember the talks we have had together and the many more we will share. Although the chocolate drops and bed time stories have been replaced with chats over glasses of wine, the most important thing has not and that is our special relationship.
I love you Daddy.

Bafana Bafana

We needed a miracle, and we almost got one, but sadly fell just short of being able to go through to the next round. However they did us proud and Bafana Bafana beat the French (who rank # 9 in the world) 2 - 1.
I received an email this morning that rings so true to the South African Spirit, that I thought I had to share.

It does not matter that we did not qualify. What matters is our team inspired us all. What matters is they gave us hope. It does not matter that we were alone, because now we are together. What started as a game, is becoming something more. What matters is what we are creating the jobs, the skills, the infrastructure and our common future. It does not matter that we did not qualify.
What matters is that we host the best World Cup ever.
Lets not stop now. We have opened our hearts to each other, now lets open them to the world.
Starting now:
* choose another country
* paint your face for that team
* fill the fan parks
* help a tourist
* say hello to new people
* fly the flags even higher
* be proud of our country
This is our chance.
Lets keep it going

It really is so wonderful, to see once again, this country pulling together. I don't want to sound like an "I told you so" but somehow we always seem to pull it together (maybe just at the last moment) but we always seem to make a plan. People who never previously watch soccer are now cheering on their team, getting involved, trying to work out this scoring system, dressing in yellow and flying the flag. So although Bafana Bafana bow out gracefully, we have chosen our new teams, we will support them, flying the South African flag along side.

15 June 2010

Delicious dinner

Jordy is now on school holidays, due to the Soccer World Cup. So Yesterday she calls me and during the conversation, I suggest, that perhaps it would be a good idea for her to give cooking dinner a go (years ago I vowed that my child will not leave home not knowing how to cook). Never having done this on her own before, I notice a slight nuance of panic in her voice as she asked "what should I cook" so being adventurous I say, check the freezer, check out the recipe books and you decide. Now this being her first ever time to do dinner on her own, Grant and I were both slightly apprehensive, so we arrive home at 7:00pm (stupidly left the office at 5:30pm and rushed straight into the "I have just left the soccer match, traffic" and we sat in stationary traffic for ages, won't make that mistake again) to find the dining room table set and dinner ready (only awaiting 2 table spoons of cream, that I was asked to pick up on the way home). Well we were presented with chicken korma with all the trimmings and it was really lovely (I am not just saying that because she is my daughter, it really was very nice, and even nicer to have a meal cooked for me, for a change) so we sat round the table discussing our day and enjoying my child's first ever completely cooked by her meal. Well done angel, you did yourself proud.
Till next time xoxo

09 June 2010

Jordy's 3 day 15th Birthday weekend

Jordy turned 15 on the 4th June, so she started off with the opening of pressies before school, that evening, Grant, Jordy and myself went out for dinner to Kong Roast and had a really lovely meal. The food and service is always really good there. Saturday morning, up early to take Jordy for her first spa day. While she was off having a mani, pedi, facial and massage, I hit the shops to get everything for her "Cocktail Party" that evening. Had friends over for her Cocktail party, which was a resounding success and apparently went on until 3:00 am. (Cally & I went to bed at 1:00am). Woke up the next morning, cleaned up (Thanks Cally for all the help) then made breakfast for everyone who stayed over. Then later that day Grant, Jordy & I went off to Monte to watch Grease (really great show, would highly recommend it). Such a lovely way to end off the Birthday weekend.
Happy Birthday my Baby Angel.
Till next time

Wakey, Wakey, Rise and Shine
Opening Pressies, such fun, even if it is at stupid O'clock
Dinner at Kong Roast
Happy Birthday Angel
Grant & Jordy
Jordy & I at Kong Roast
Cheers to the Birthday girl
Look how lovely their Sushi is
A very blury picture of Donna & Jason dancing
CJ playing DS
Cally & Glen
Strike a pose Debs, Jordy & Ross
Ron, Georgina & Roxy
Jordy & I
Strike another pose
Grant & Jordy

04 June 2010

Football Crazy, Football Mad

Yes, the Soccer World cup is now only seven days away, and although I have never been a fan of football (sorry soccer), I feel this is an opportunity for South African's to once again (like in 1995) unite together and show the world what we are made of. No I am not naive enough to believe that this event will go off without a single hitch, but come on, they said we would never be ready on time and we are, they said we wouldn't be able to pull off the stadiums, we did (in fact it is being reported in UK newspapers that they put Soccer City on par with Wembley) they said we wouldn't have the Gautrain open, we did. So although, I don't particularly like soccer, don't do yellow very well and expect to have my hearing assaulted by Vuvuzelas South Africa's secret weapon) for the next 5 weeks. I will get behind Aaron Mokoena and the team and support Bafana Bafana all the way. I am a proud South African and although we may have many faults in this country, I still believe that we can accomplish anything we put our minds to. We have in the past, we will in the future, if we do it together.
Till next time

My baby turns 15

Happy Birthday Angel, hope you have a magical day
Till next time

So Spoilt
Even Muffin is getting in on the action

Fast asleep in the morning of her 15th Birthday (not for long)

03 June 2010

Last day of 14th year

Jordy's last day of being 14

02 June 2010

Winter Holiday

Yippee, my leave has been approved so the Fouche's are going on holiday. I can not tell you how much I am looking forward to real quality time with my family. Now to figure out where to go
Till next time

Fun Pics

Fun pictures of Jordy.

3 Generations of Girls

Here is a picture that I love so much, of Mum, Donna, Jordy & I

01 June 2010

My princess is growing up

My baby angel turns 15 on Friday and let me tell you it scares me so much. It seems like yesterday that I gave birth to her and here she is almost 15 years old. I remember vividly her being less than an hour old, on a cold Sunday night in 1995, where my Mum told me, enjoy every minute Stephanie cause in a blink of an eye she will be all grown up. At the time I thought my mother was on some very serious drugs (and wasn't sharing them with me) as how on earth could this tiny baby, grow up in a blink of an eye. Well let me tell you, I blinked, and here she is, not a little girl any more, but a beautiful young woman. She has grown into a wonderful person who cares about the people around her, she is grounded very firmly in family values and I am exceptionally proud to be her mother. She is such a sweet treasure straight from the Lord, how blessed I am to have been entrusted to be your mother. You are such a delight and I wish you every success in the world. Enjoy your birthday. (or is it birthday weekend) you deserve it.
All my love always
till next time