26 June 2013

Project Organisation: Gift Wrap Station

As I mentioned in a previous post I am currently busy organising the "Bat Cave" and want the left hand side to hold all my crafts and projects (now that i will have time to actually work on them again) However, having become very frustrated with having gift wrap supplies in various places throughout the house, I decided to corral them all in one place and create a Gift Wrap station, as soon as Grant has moved my shelves around I will place this under the "Desk" Shelf on the left hand side.
I went off to Builders Warehouse this morning and purchased the Elfa Sliding Basket System.  I bought the seven slider unit, with a Jumbo, Standard & 2 Slim drawers, it will fit exactly under the desk area and the drawers slide out easily for access.
Here is the completed unit, 4 drawers full of gift wrap essentials
This will be housed behind the drawer unit, I may tie a ribbon around them just to keep them upright

Bottom drawer has gift bags of assorted sizes

This drawer holds colored paper & extra cards
Colored twine, rafia, organza gift bags, tissue paper, gift boxes & ribbon

Top drawer holds various types of tape, glue dots, glitter glue & hot glue gun 
Its great to see things coming together.

Till next time

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