20 June 2013

A new Fur Baby

We have a new fur baby, his name is Riley, when he came home with us he weighed 2kg and as small as he is, he has no fear, he took on the rest of the dogs and made it very clear that he may be small but they weren't to mess with him.  He is such a feisty little one, but is settling down very nicely into our family and has crept into our hearts with much ease

On the drive home

Playing with Moo

Sleeping in my car bag

tickle time with Daddy

Can't get enough of those tickles

Meeting Bailey for the first time

Time to get up Mum, enough of this sleeping thing

Chilling with the crew

Can I read along on your i-Pad Mum
Ok I am tired now, Goodnight

He is such a cutey pie, full of nonsense but such a character,  I love having him around.
Till next time

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