22 September 2010

Cat O' Nine Tales - Jeffrey Archer

I have just finished reading this book and had a good giggle at these short stories. Jeffrey Archer picked up the ideas for these stories during his forced sabbatical/incarceration compliments of Her Majesty's Prison services. This book illustrates to what lengths some people will go to to commit a crime. I would even recommend this to the Alliterate (you know those that can read but choose not to) people in my life.
I also have to share some very exciting news (well it is for me, you, probably not so much) My darling hubby is buying me the latest generation Kindle for Christmas. I am so excited I am like a child at Christmas (no pun intended), it is due to arrive on 24th September (darn the fact that it is a public holiday) so it will probably arrive on my desk on Monday. However my darling hubby says I am not allowed it until Christmas day (Grinch) so I am strategically planning my counter attack. haven't quite ironed out the finer details as yet but this little darling must be mine, long before the yule tide silliness sets in. I have in my arsenal for now, some pouting, some sulking, some very big pretty please's, however I still don't think that all these weapons put together will make him budge, he is pretty obstinate, so back to the drawing board for now. I already have 27 books wish listed, just waiting for my Kindle.
Till next time

15 September 2010

Oh what a circus ......

Just a quick update on my comings and goings. Saturday Jordy & I went off to Sandton to find a dress for a friends wedding coming up in October, success was had and dress was promptly placed in closet awaiting the event. On Saturday night, we all went to watch Evita, playing at the Pieter Toerien Theatre in Monte Casino. It was done brilliantly, Angela Killian played Eva superbly, I got chills when she sang "Don't cry for me Argentina" and apart from the fact that I had to balance precariously on my seat the entire show due to the fact it was broken, I thoroughly enjoyed it. Sunday we met up with Cally, Ross & CJ for lunch at John Dory (Monte Casino) for lunch, prawns were eaten, wine was drunk and a great time was had by all. I always love ending a weekend with good friends, good food and of course some good wine makes facing Monday more palatable. We got to see them again last night for CJ's 9th Birthday, we met up after work at Cattle Baron for dinner to wish CJ a very Happy Birthday. Happy Birthday angel, I hope you had a magical day.

Till next time
The birthday girl & Jordy

08 September 2010

Happy 90th Birthday Grandpa

Today, my Grandpa turns 90 years old. Although we live continents apart, he has always been a very special part of my life, he is the most patient, caring, loving, open-minded and intelligent man. During World War II, my Grandfather flew, as a navigator, with the Dam Busters. Back then, they navigated by the stars. A treasured memory that I have with my grandfather is when we all went up to the Kruger Park and my Grandfather was absolutely fascinated by the stars, as they were all upside down to him (what with being in the southern hemisphere). I remember, lying on a blanket with him staring up at the stars whilst he taught me the constellations. To this day, when I look up into the sky at night and spot Orion, I always think of him. I so very wish I could be with him today, however he is in my thoughts. So to my wonderful Grandpa, I wish you a very Happy Birthday and want you to know how very much I love you.

Sweet spring, full of sweet days

Spring day came in it's resplendent way, and cheered us all up. The trees were in full bloom, the advent of all the cold days being behind us (well, unless some very sneaky cold front decides to surprise us). We have been rather busy in the last couple of days, Thursday we met up with Cally, Ross & CJ for dinner at the Spur. Jordy was going to spend the night with them as Cally was taking CJ, Jordy & a friend to Gold Reef City the next day. I met up with Cally on Friday afternoon, in a very dodgy place (story for another time) to collect Jordy, who after having an amazing day was absolutely exhausted and was moaning how she was getting old and couldn't do what she used to be able to do, for goodness sake, she is 15 years old and she thinks she is old, what does that make me ? Historic. On the way home, the traffic was backed up horrifically so we pulled in to Cedar Square and went to Central Grill. They offer half price sushi & cocktails between 5:00 & 6:00 pm, we took them up on this offer and waited out the traffic (much better idea). Anyway Saturday we set off to Chamdor to get material for a dress I wanted to make for Jordy, she chose what she wanted and we made our way to Melrose Arch to do some serious retail therapy. suffice to say 7 hours later we had in hand only one pair of shoes for Jordy, what do they say about the best laid plans. We may not have managed to get very much shopping done, but we had a ball, flitting in and out of all the shops "gathering" as "Defending the Caveman" would say. We had lunch at an Italian restaurant, it was so lovely to sit outside in the sunshine, enjoying a glass of wine with my lunch. We got home to find Grant engrossed in the Wallabies vs South Africa rugby match, it turned out to be a real nail biting match, unfortunately South Africa lost right in the very last minute or two. He thought it was hysterical that we had been shopping all day and hadn't managed to find anything, he said he was expecting to have to help us in with all our parcels. I spent Saturday night running up the new "scarf Dress" for Jordy with the material we had just bought. she was really happy with it and wore it on Sunday. Jordy & I set off on Sunday and hit Fourways Mall, we had a very successful day, Jordy got another pair of shoes, a pair of converse plimsols for school and a belt and I found two pairs of shoes, a really cute evening bag and some PJ's. so parcels in hand we made our way home. We convinced Grant that the only thing to do when you have new shoes is take them out for dinner. We planned to go to Kong roast, but when we got there, they were closed. The restaurant next door is called "Chef and the Fat Man", we decided to give it a try. It was really good, the service was friendly and efficient and the food was cooked very well. So all in all we had a lovely evening and the shoes enjoyed it too.
Monday after work, Glen, Laura & Debbie came round to show us the pictures from the photo shoot, the photo's came out great, Jordy is so thrilled with her photo shoot pics and can't wait to take them to show her friends. Our family pics came out great. Glen really is brilliant at making people look amazing in his pictures. We are now looking forward to more relaxing evenings for the rest of the week as we have a really hectic weekend coming up
Till next time
Forever New, pink sandals, had to take them out for dinner
Iron Fist heels, they are too dinky
Jordy's acquisition from Forever New, she's taller than Grant in these
Jordy's shoes from Melrose Arch, 7 hours of shopping and this is all we found
Photo shoot, Grant & Jordy
Jordy & Steph

Grant & Steph
Grant & Jordy, Chef & the Fat Man

Jordy & Steph
Jordy in her scarf dress

Lunch at Melrose Arch
Spring blossoms :)